There are two big problems with wedding photos in winter

Posted August 2, 2018 by mackellar

Winter wedding photos may be unavoidable for many couples, especially in the cold north. There is no need to worry about the effects of cooling down, allowing couples to take the enviable perfect wedding photos in winter.

1. Take wedding photos in winter: take snow scenery to prevent cold.

For the new people who have a special liking for outdoor scenery, it is inevitable to take wedding photos in winter. In Beijing, the combination of white wedding dress and snow and ice background is the most perfect. No matter it is snow or pure white snow, it can bring you to a fairy-tale world of beauty. The mist that exhales in cold more can set off the warm and sweet breath between two people, pass through the soft and beautiful sunshine in winter, refract your people more pure and holy love, let pure white wedding dress set off in pure white snow scene, deduce the winter love song that is beautiful and moving only in winter. The bride can match her wedding dress with a fur shawl and make it look gorgeous.

Caution: couples who take wedding photos of snowscape in winter should pay attention to keeping warm, especially those who are accustomed to staying indoors. It's best to carry an overcoat or a down jacket with you so that you don't get cold inside and take it off when you take a photo. If the bride chooses a long dress that doesn't show her legs, she can wear a pair of close-fitting wool trousers underneath. In addition, take wedding gauze photograph still can buy a few warm baby in the winter, stick in back, abdomen, hind waist 3 places, stick in allegedly skirt to support inside also have effect very much. One or two hours of warm baby tape is the warmest, and two hours later it's warm, so you can bring some extra with you.

2. Take wedding photos in winter: take exclusive scenery for honeymoon travel

If you want to take wedding photos in winter, it's too cold outside and boring inside, so couples born in the 1980s might as well take a wedding honeymoon trip, or combine honeymoon travel with wedding photos. Finding a tourist destination with a warm climate and pleasant scenery to take wedding photos avoids the traditional "bad" locations, and there is absolutely no need to worry about taking similar wedding photos with your sisters. Take a sweet honeymoon trip to a warm place and record your love on the way. This will not only save you a lot of money, but also save you a lot of money.

Suggestion: honeymoon, taking photos, winter wedding photos in the south or warm weather. The relaxed atmosphere on the south China sea coast is ideal for newlyweds to brew sweetness, which is easier than trekking across mountains and rivers or visiting places of interest. Besides, the weather is not as hot as summer, and wedding photos taken with blue sky, white clouds and blue sea as the background will be quite atmospheric. The beach is also full of light, and the picture will be full.

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