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There is no school to become a successful rapper or musician. Many people have spent years and thousands of dollars to learn the main steps of how to live from music. I want to share with you some of my ideas that will help you. If you want to be a professional rapper in the future, you should read them all and start using them.

"Long term" approach
You need to think about your musical career in the long run. Even if something doesn't give you results right away, that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Many people want results right away. They think there is a pill for "success." There is no such pill. You need to put in effort and work with patience and look for opportunities. There are many around us.

Music & Reality
If you think your music is good enough and your friends really like it and see its value in it, then you should prove it. The way to convince others to believe in you requires some evidence. You can provide concert organizers with a list of local places where you can sell tickets for your performance, which will help a lot. None of the managers will trust you and will not perform a concert if you have no fans or haters. Even if your music is very good. Do you know why? Because they need to be sure that the effort they put in you will pay them back. They need proof that they can trust you and profit from your performances. I know it's sad but it's true. This is a business.

Self-motivation, Discipline, Perseverance
If you want anyone to invest their resources in your music, you must show that they can trust you. When you push hard and others see it, and they see that you put a lot of effort into it, they will also start to believe in you.
If you don't believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you.
All the great rappers worked many years before joining the ranks of major labels. Even if you don't need a record label and do it on your own, you still have to put in a job! The most important thing is to work with others and gain brand awareness.

Educate yourself
This is one of the most important steps. How do you want to achieve other results by doing what you are doing now? You need to start doing other new things to get different results. Read a music book or at least meet people who have knowledge. Spend money on education. You must have an investment budget. I don't know any rapper who has not invested money in his career and is successful.
School is not so important. The most important skills are: understanding the music industry and how it works. I know people who have never been to school and are rich and healthy. You need to know how to use the Internet and resources that you already have. Everyone who was successful started from below.
Below are some good items that will help you:
Empire State of Mind, by Zack O'Malley Greenburg
Music Entrepreneur Club, by Dame Ritter
Success in Hip-Hop (z / Boogie Wit Da Hoodie), author: Gary Vaynerchuk
Rap Radar Podcast, by Elliott Wilson and Brian "B. Miller's Dot

Music is not everything
If you want to have fans then you should give them something that will make them feel connected with you. You must give them the value or experience they want. Just try to think like today's rap music fan. What are they thinking about? What do they need What are their desires?
Always stay up to date with what is now interesting to the audience and show it in your own way. This means that you should be yourself all the time and be open to opportunities and new ideas.
For example, you can earn a popular beating and freestylate about things that are known to your receiving group. This will create a connection. Remember to respect your fans, shake their hands and talk. People don't like rudeness, right?
Always have a strategy
When releasing an album, try to build awareness and build tension. Just make people wait for your new songs eagerly. How do you interest them? Divide the action into various phases of the album or single promotion. It will give you a chance to get to know your music and you. Just take responsibility for your music. Song creation is only 20% success. The rest is marketing, branding, self-improvement.
Create a realistic plan
Signing a contract with a large label during the year is not realistic. Find a way to discover who your main audience is. If you make music that sounds like Dre or Snoop, then you should hit their fans and look for places where such people meet. You can also give some of your albums in these places for free and talk to people. This can also be done online. Just start meeting people. There are so many plans and ideas that you can implement. Just look for them. The easiest way is to learn how other rappers did. Uncle Google will tell you about it! You can also ask me if you want? email - ( [email protected] ).

You need a team
I think you already know that, but it's a very important step. Creating bits, mixing and mastering, logos, album covers, promotion on your own is very difficult and time consuming. You should have your producer who creates bits or does mix and mastering.
You can get all these things + covers, logos and web design from us. All you have to do is contact me and talk about what you need exactly and I will help you as best I can.
By team I mean valuable people who know what they are doing. As in a normal company - everyone has their work to do. You must feel that you are developing with selected people. Everyone needs a job or a task that should be done daily. You should not be surrounded by only positive people, but mainly by those who take action and feel that you are developing.

Social media and press
You need to understand how social media works today. What's the best thing about them is that they are free. If you know how to promote using them, that's something. You won't get a lot of leaks in the media if you have no idea how to present your music. Professionalism is the key to success and the release of the song via Facebook with zero amount of additional information sent to hip-hop blogs, websites, deejays of all kinds or fans on your mailing list is a complete waste of time.
Log in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. everyday. Write posts daily. Have a link to your youtube channel or website. Branding is so important that you can't imagine? . Even if you have great music, many people still don't know you exist. Get inspired as known rappers represent your brand. How they do it will give you some good ideas.
We can also help you grow social media by promoting your profile organically. We do not sell likes or followers. We run semi-annual or annual campaigns to do this. We promote your profile by targeting potential fans - real people. It is time consuming but it will save you a lot of work that we will do.
You just have to work with the resources you already have and over time they will grow and grow. Imagine you are doing all these little steps every day. You can grow massively in 365 days! That is what it is about. Focus on the simple steps. You should also try to be everywhere you can. From youtube to LinkedIn or redit.

Everyone has you somewhere ...
Yes, it's very sad, but it's true .... Do not look for others, just focus on your dreams and keep moving forward. You are not the only artist who thinks that your music will change the world, trust me. Do everything in your power. Make a plan. Start educating, start acting.
Contracts and Agreements
There are many different types of contracts in the music industry. Always read all contracts and make sure you understand them. Nobody will give you a million dollars if they think you are stupid or have no proper knowledge on how to use it and multiply it. Companies don't care about your music. They care about how much money they can earn with you. Remember that you are the author and you need to be sure that you will not lose too much.

So the most important thing is to look at what actually works. Try things, don't be afraid if something goes wrong. This will bring you closer to your goal. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone will learn from them and go further.
I believe in you. Now go and use what I wrote here!
Feel free to contact me? I look forward to it

I hope this article gave you some ideas.

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