Some Handy Tips on Using Allegory and Symbolism

Posted December 13, 2017 by lawandaallen

Literary tools always help writers to make the most of their story by enhancing every aspect of the book. Here's how writers can effectively use them.

Literary tools are weapons writers use to their benefit to take their book to the next level. There are several tools that writers can use and each one has a special purpose. When there are amazing literature platforms like Happosity out there, it is essential that writers make the most of these tools to get their book published. Here's how writers can use Allegory and Symbolism to their benefit in their next work.

- Allegory

The purpose of allegory is not simply communicating an author’s point of view, but imparting or breaking down a moral, political or any type of lesson to the reader in a conceptual sense. It’s especially common in fairy tales or spiritual works, and most of the times an entire narrative is constructed around a particular allegory. An allegory’s lesson can be preached through characters, events, and even certain symbols. Writers can use allegory to make their work multi-layered and the characters multidimensional.

Allegorical meaning provides a deeper subtext to the character or event. Allegory can also offer the ability to discuss sensitive topics in an approachable way. Issues of race and gender are commonly explored through allegory by several writers. Happosity has several examples of effective use of this tool.

- Symbolism

Although symbols are used within allegories to address the writer’s message, symbolism is clearly distinct. An allegory has an entire story built upon it, whereas symbolism is limited to one particular thing, person, word, experience or expression. Symbolism can be created using figures of speech – metaphors, similes, and allegories. There’s also a huge library of objects, colors and living creatures whose assigned symbolism has become firmly lodged in society's collective cultural consciousness.

For example, ravens are a common symbol for death and red roses are a common symbol for love. It is always more interesting to try and create a unique symbol rather than relay the meaning and information simply. A symbol like the rose has been cleverly used in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The rose symbolizes love, but the rose is also wilting in the glass chamber, showing its fragility. These symbols are not conveyed blatantly, but they nevertheless add a touch of uniqueness to the story. Symbolism enhances the importance of a certain aspect of the book.

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