Have you ever seen the most powerful laser?

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Have you ever seen the most powerful laser?werful burning laser so far, it can be widely used in the field of nuclear physics and high-werful burning laser so far, it can be widely used in the field of nuclear physics and high-

It is said that researchers from the Shanghai China had created the most powerful burning laser so far, it can be widely used in the field of nuclear physics and high-tech weapons in the future.The peak power of the laser is 5.13 beats (1 beat is 10 million watts), breaking the record of the recent creation of Japanese scientists.But the latest breakthrough seems to have a small and fatal weakness: according to the research team, the laser can not be a long time to keep peak output power, duration less than 30 fs (1 FS is equal to one in a million billion seconds).The new record is the founder of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of State Key Laboratory of high field laser physics, leader Li Ruxin.
About 6 months ago, researchers in Osaka, Japan, developed the world's most powerful laser, power of 2 watts, duration of only 1 (1 seconds equal to 1 trillion of a second).Reported that Japan developed a 5000mw Laser Pointer length of more than 90 meters. The team said the intensity of the laser is equivalent to 1000 times the total capacity of all the electronic devices on the planet.


Before Japan developed the Laser Rifle sight , the world's most powerful laser is emitted by the The University of Texas at Austin 1 laser.At present, there is not a laser weapon to reach the level of the beat. In a 2013 trial,German military laser destroyed 2 of the public in a UAV, the maximum output power of only 50 kilowatts.By contrast, Shanghai's newly developed laser is 20 billion times more than it.
Reported that, due to poor power persistence, the total energy of a single pulse is very low - 190 Joule, barely enough heat a cup of coffee. The energy needed to fry an egg is several hundred times.In this case, it does not like to shoot down the UAV military use, because this level of output power is impossible to shoot down the UAV, Professor Li Rukang said.Li Rukang, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, said: "the traditional laser weapons are very different. (Shanghai laser) was not the original intention of producing 1000mw Laser Pointer guns." Li Rukang did not participate in the development of Shanghai laser.In spite of this, the future does not rule out the possibility of military applications, Li Rukang said.

Due to the powerful laser pulses can be generated at high frequency, so they can be used to destroy enemy drones, aircraft or warships of optical or electromagnetic sensors.The powerful energy of the laser can be split, and through the analysis of the process, the researchers may find a new way to produce nuclear energy.For example, in a number of countries including China, the United States and Japan, research facilities, researchers have developed a powerful laser in order to create and maintain nuclear fission. If successful, this may be a permanent solution to the energy needs of mankind.
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