Chinese laser weapon development

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Chinese laser weapon development the first deployment of the Liberation Army's latest, the so-called anti

Up to now, the research of 100mw Laser Pointer weapon has become more and more mature in the past thirty years and will play a more and more important role in the

future. Some news said that in September 2009, a base of Xinjiang Tianshan, China used in high power solid state laser cannon incoming rockets, after 0.075 seconds

sustained high energy irradiation, rockets in flight detonated self destruct. At the same time, China's relevant departments is stepping up research, will be

transplanted to the Navy 891 test ship, to prepare for carrier interceptor missile test, the goal is to in 2014 years ago made significant technological breakthroughs,

and tactical laser weapons production make the necessary preparations.
High energy burning laser weapon

Chinese Liberation Army has been involved in the development of 5000mw Laser anti satellite weapon . Since the beginning of last century in 80s, the Chinese people's

Liberation Army began to study high energy laser weapons, and made two significant progress, to achieve the requirements of the anti satellite weapon system attacks

and interference. The United States said that the Chinese mainland in Xinjiang Tianshan area, the first deployment of the Liberation Army's latest, the so-called anti

satellite laser weapon system, here to test a series of the latest laser weapons. In the view of the United States, China's development of laser weapons mainly through

three methods to counter US satellites, including interference and blinding and destroy satellites.
According to the "Chinese Science News" reported, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute has developed solid-state burning laser which has been a breakthrough at 3KW,

4kw, 6kW and 8kw laser output, shorten the gap in the field of international. In 2008, This is our first 5kW class all solid state laser, and has a completely

independent intellectual property rights. This achievement is of great significance to breaking the international embargo and realizing the engineering of the laser

advanced manufacturing equipment.

The powerful laser cannon

At present, China has mastered the technology, has been able to meet the needs of military laser cannons. The United States, "long" laser gun is a number of 8KW

industrial lasers in parallel, in secret trials with a laser weapon successfully shot down 4 drones. The shipboard laser system to launch up to 32 MW of laser beam in

the test, the successful hit 3.2 km outside the 482 km per hour flight of unmanned aircraft.
Now, according to China's report, at least it has reached the level of the United States. Reported in the 5KW all Attack Laser Pointer has begun to use the industrial

application, then, at least the military 8KW level has entered the application state. Coupled with last year, China reported vigorously the PLA naval University of

Engineering Professor Ma Weiming led the team has developed efficient energy storage device to store 140 MJ of energy in 45 seconds, if several such devices connected

in series is enough to meet the needs of large laser weapon electric quantity.!
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