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Posted July 6, 2016 by kelljackson

TL:DR - Legion has some good and some bad, don't let the loud negative people make you focus only on the bad!

TL:DR - Legion has some good and some bad, don't let the loud negative people make you focus only on the bad!

I've been reading/posting on the Beta forums for a decent amount of time. Between that, the main forums, here on Reddit and a handful of other sites I seem to see the normal trend of the VERY vocal negative side of things. It gets depressing for sure.

So for those of you that are feeling a bit bummed out reading what people have to say - just remember their are way more people like myself that are happy/excited but aren't filling threads with it.

Leveling feels fantastic. It's fluid, you always have something to do. The Class Halls and Artifact weapons add to the experience without overpowering it (like Garrisons). Being able to pick whatever zone you want is wonderful.

Class Order Halls took all the good of garrison tech, and left out every bit of the bad. It does NOT feel like a facebook game. You don't have to check it every hour or so. It's a place to go to prep your next adventure on par with Dalaran. They fit well with the classes, add further character progression that gets you out in the world. You know how garrisons felt at launch? Like it was this cool thing you wanted to work at (before it turned into a min/max facebook game?) take that feeling and double it easily.

Maintaining more than one Artifact weapon isn't that bad. This was a big concern of mine, I won't lie. You're not going to have all 3 (4 if you're the master class) AF weapons maxed before Mythic/Arena is out. That's good though in my opinion. You're able to maintain an offspec weapon easily but you have to choose what you want to focus on. You can keep your OS weapon about 75-80% on par with your main.

Their is ALWAYS something to do at level cap. World quests are wonderful. They make you feel like their is a reason to leave your Class hall/Dalaran. The Dungeon difficulties give you additional progression layers outside of just 20man raiding. You have options. Weather you want to PvE, PvP, find something else to do. If you have 20-30min to kill, or 2-3 hours. Alone or in a group.

Now I'm not saying Legion will "Fix all of WoWs issues". It won't make people who dislike things suddenly swoon over the game. Their will always be things to improve on - it is an MMO after all! I'm just trying to convey the idea of "Don't JUST focus on the bad/what you don't like. Put a little effort in seeing the good." We all love this game, whether it was in the past or present. I'll admit I quit WoD after Highmaul. I didn't come back till halfway through HFC. I kept myself very reserved in terms of Legion hype. I'm not aboard the train in the slightest. I expect their to be issues but I also expect myself to enjoy the game. Because at the end of the day that's why I pay my sub and spend my time with you guys. To have fun!
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