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you know, you were once in the review court blood shed, force anti Krupp thief hero?

my daughter to choose what Bodystockings kind of talent?" Sara King laughed, a pleasant mood, even that has been cold face of Ayu Cana also stood up, want to have a look my sister this proud princess, to choose what kind of person? (to be continued) "A Weng, jade Lang there is no action." A government study, kind of Yan Chong look respectful, reported recently in the dynamic and Zhongshidao dear prince, "Chen Changshi is a man of ability, jade Lang did not focusing on Prince Bodystockings dear in the run by Chen Changshi, is a hand. A Weng, I somehow felt, that jade Lang Junpo some raffish, seemed to have been the stuff of legend..." Kind of Yan Chong words didn't finish saying, listen to Zhongshidao a fierce drink: "kind of Yan Chong shut up, Yu Xiaoyi was all bad, nor are you a boy can evaluate a green hand. Whether or not he work, nor are you can comment. As long as he jade little prince said a dear Bodystockings in the army, is the prince of dear in the soul, when it's your turn to make carping comments on here?" Zhongshidao finish, a morbid purples emerge on the face, and a violent cough. Since the beginning of summer, Zhongshidao body said a better day, no longer even ask toward the class affairs. His attitude and status, it is to let Zhao Huan rest assured a lot. Although dismissed Zhongshidao privy duty, but called Chu Gong, in tseuk Luk than previously, more higher. At the moment, Zhongshidao hair Ben Zhang, like an angry lion. Kind of Yan Chong saw this, quite frightened, plop knelt in front of the body Zhongshidao. "The grandson of ignorance, Bodystockings please forgive me my love." Zhongshidao sat down slowly, look cool doingDespite the speculation, but when the real confirmed, Qin and song and blood Tianhe couldn't help some shocked, they are two Ling ranks first grade, for many years efforts here, never to set foot on the peak, but call a day order of top grade to pull the top spot, really make some of their heart to have. "Say so, Royal God has into your pubic region?" Blood Tianhe asked. "!" Tang wind continued nodding. The Qin Dynasty and song Bodystockings sighed, blood Tianhe is directly turned away, far from a sentence: "I today owe you one, the future if have what demand, straight to blood fog city to find me, if you can do this, the old man will help you finish!" Blood Tianhe simply move let Tang Feng Yi Leng, until his back disappeared, asked Tang Feng just turned: "senior, what does he mean? I just answered a question." A human spirit ranks first grade master, this is not just to get. And this person or blood fog city castellan! Ha-ha. The Qin Bodystockings Dynasty and song with a laugh, "he is not because the problem to say so. Soothe your royal God from that moment, he and I have owed you a favor." "Can not explain the white?" Tang Feng depressed, he couldn't understand the mystery. "In the future you will understand." The Qin Dynasty and song did not intend to explain, Tang wind to explode, answer each of them a problem yourself, after the change of the position but not the answer. (to be continued) evil pole Tianzun ask the specific time that ancient dragon sword, then at closed playing sword hall and lay fencing hall in the distance, and then shook his head: "it seems that lay the fencing hall you don't have to, direct clearance, so only the remaining last sword hall." This to be the truth, Bodystockings Lu Yuan air sword, can make they are frustrated, and what to say. "The last sword hall, difficulty is extremely difficult to sit and play sword hall." Evil pole Tianzun said. Lu Yuan nodded, follow after evil pole s, to sit the fencing hall. Sit the fencing hall, is the biggest of the five sword hall. Single look external size, then compared with eyes closed fencing hall at least five times, even ten times as wide. Evil pole Tianzun with Lu Yuan entered the sitting fencing hall, into which, find Bodystockings - this sword is really vast hall. In the closed fencing hall, Lu Yuan saw hundreds of people, and sat in the fencing hall, Lu Yuan met for thousands of people, yes, he has so much, this is really the first big sword hall, the highest difficulty sword hall, have a well-deserved reputation, Lu Yuan to is quite calm: "so, which one is Shou Tang people." Out! And all of a sudden out is ten people. Ten - the top figure! Lu Yuan not startled by the. Evil pole Tianzun said: "yes, this is the sitting playing sword hall, sitting fencing hall Shou Tang people have for ten person, is ten people, because the ten are brilliant, not up and down, any of them among the people and I played ten people, are not under me so, human Guan shou." "And now we explain sat playing sword hall rules, sat in the fencing hall, each sat on one side, and unable to move, whatever you want for Feijian, mobile lost count."In this way? It can start." Lu Yuan said. Ten - around Lu Yuan, this ten inside, each individual fencing, absolutely not in evil under extremely inside, every one not far from land element distance, while the later is the people at the same time out the sword, and the land element one sword, is also said to play over the ten and the hand just calculate clearance. One to many, was extremely difficult to. And the provisions of the both sides can not move, which for the party, it is more difficult for many, originally is a tour, tour to the size is mobile, but now the bib shaped mobile limits, we all sat playing, nature is difficult.
-- END ---
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