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Author, landowner advocate, and expert Thomas R. Clay discusses on 570 KLIF, Dallas - Fort Worth with host Jacki Daily of The Jacki Daily Show why he wrote an Amazon #1 best selling book “Meet The New Frackers.

North Lawrence, OH, January 29, 2015 -- The Jacki Daily Show is hosted by Jacki Daily. The show airs weekly on on 570-KLIF, Dallas - Fort Worth at 6pm cst. She has had an impressive career in the energy industry, law and politics. She grew up in the Ohio River Valley, where the shale runs deep. Jacki comes from a long line of energy workers, including coal miners, roughnecks, railway workers, and nuclear energy specialists. The Jacki Daily Show airs weekly on Sat., 6pm CST on radio 570-KLIF, Dallas. Visit and listen live on the radio.

Jacki’s most recent guest this week, is Thomas R. Clay author of an Amazon #1 best seller “Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom.” Thomas grew up in the Gas and Oil Exploration Business and understands much of the science, language, business principles and market dynamics involved with this new energy revolution. He is living the landowners story deep in the Utica Shale in Ohio and has spent over 30 years working and living around a large farm and recreational business having many of the same concerns that you and your family have today. In other words, his family, like yours would like to experience the financial rewards of developing their minerals but wants to reduce or eliminate potential environmental issues if they can. Thomas R. Clay has taken his unique experiences as a landowner in the middle of shale boom area and combined it with industry insiders knowledge to create and

Landowner advocate and author, Thomas R. Clay has a passion for helping people, technology, and solving problems. His family has skin in this new shale energy revolution. Their family owned recreational business that hosts a water park, fishing lake and 100′s of camp sites would have a very difficult time surviving any significant spill, contamination or water shortage. At the same time, our family business could definitely benefit from the extra income that the Oil and Gas revolution in our area brings. Thomas believes that a balance can be found and families can experience the best of both worlds which is why he wrote “Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom.” started, and the non profit organization. Thomas R Clay wrote the book “Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom.” because as he said “There is a shortage of qualified oil and gas attorneys and other specialists available to help landowners. The Oil and Gas companies have experts on their team and so should the landowners.”

“Reading this book was an inspiration to me in the way that Thomas R. Clay presented the information about how to make a game plan for dealing with mineral ownership. But more importantly, I enjoyed the manner that he incorporated maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle and mental attitude into the landowners informational handbook. His emphasis on living stress free and having a positive outlook while building a strategy to maximize one's mineral ownership gives an interesting twist to the oil and gas boom subject. This book is definitely a must have for any landowner especially for anyone living within one of the oil and gas shale plays. Thomas’s explanation of fracking was especially informative and sheds light on a much needed subject. All in all "Meet the New Frackers" is an impressive undertaking and should prove helpful to everyone who reads it.” J. Pittman

Jacki discusses with Thomas R. Clay how in the book, a Amazon #1 Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom.” landowners will learn Strategies, Game Plans and a Step by Step Road Map so they can negotiate landowner and environmentally friendly oil and gas agreements. The book and related video series help “Level the Playing Field for Landowners” as Clay has said, so landowners can successfully address environmental issues, generate more income and live the dream life. This book focuses on helping landowners strike the perfect balance between environmental concerns their family’s financial needs, and oil and gas company resources.

“We believe in capitalizing off the Shale Energy Boom and using the extra income to Save the Farm and invest in your own health and wellness. and the Amazon #1 book Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom.” is educational, insightful,and objective. It contains expert insight and real stories to give you the insider information that most don’t know about.” said Clay.

“Don't let the word "Landowner's" in the title fool you -- this is far more than a book for landowners. I was blown away by the well-rounded discussion the author brought to the table on the topic of fracking. As a citizen of the U.S. concerned for the environment as well as our deep dependence on middle east oil, I found myself completely engrossed in the discussion of fracking from all angles. The author speaks clearly, honestly and fairly as he looks at fracking from the standpoint of the landowner, the oil and gas industry, the regulatory side, the side of the environment and those of us watching this growing industry with interest. I learned so much about this contemporary hot topic and now feel well-prepared to discuss with anyone the current issues surrounding fracking, as well as the misunderstandings and misinformation that are being widely circulated. Thank you, Mr. Clay, for this in-depth, well-rounded primer on fracking, and for leading the charge in the movement to give fracking its chance to shine within the confines of an environmentally conscious climate.” M.L.

Founder of the nonprofit, The New Frackers Project, Thomas R. Clay discusses on radio 570-KLIF, Dallas with Jacki Daily of The Jacki Daily Show some of the highlights and the 7 most important things landowners should know about the new Shale Energy Boom:

1.What do other family members want for the property?
2.Develop a strategy and game plan ahead of the request for lease rights.
3.Know who owns the mineral rights to the property?
4.Become your own advocate. Study your area and become a student of the game.
5.Hire an experienced Oil and Gas Attorney, do your homework, ask about their area of expertise.
6.Read your leases before signing.
7.Create a landowner and environmentally friendly lease.

Thomas R. Clay’s book Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom.” became an Amazon #1 best seller in less than week. Tune in live to hear the entire interview with Thomas R. Clay on The Jacki Daily Show Sat January 31th, 2015, 6 pm – 7pm cst, on radio 570-KLIF, Dallas - Fort Worth. Visit and listen live on the radio.

Thomas R. Clay is the author of “Meet The New Frackers: A Landowner's Guide For Successfully Navigating the Fast Moving Shale Energy Boom” and the founder of and The New Frackers Project, an innovative project that’s educating and coaching Shale landowners.

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