A Back Sleeper. Why It Might Be Worth Trying To Become One

Posted October 30, 2014 by kalai03

There are an infinite number of sleep positions. But are they all equal when it comes to health and wellbeing? Well maybe not.

Sydney, NSW, Australia, October 30, 2014 -- Back Sleeping, side sleeping, tummy sleeping, sprawled out, curled up or any which way! There are an infinite number of sleep positions. But are they all equal when it comes to health and wellbeing? Well maybe not.

Few people think much about sleep when they are children. It doesn’t matter because children sleep well (in general). There are no sore bones, no late night reports to write and no dawn boot camps to be up and ready for. No coffee, no alcohol, no partners in the bed! But as the years pile up the little cracks in people's sleeping habits start to show. And for many these little cracks can grow into dangerous weaknesses in the quality of sleep received. Dangerous because it is well studied that chronic poor sleep can have dramatic health effects. Sleep is the mind and body's repair, rebuild and recharge opportunity and if there is not enough time the nightly service can be short and shabby. And then things aren’t fixed properly, preventative processes aren’t completed and disease fighting forces aren’t replenished. So like any car that isn’t serviced regularly, minds and bodies start to fail.

Many bad sleep habits that develop as children carry into adulthood where they can be much harder to correct. One such bad habit can be sleep position.

“I always slept on my tummy as a kid” recalls reformed sleeper Michael, 52. “It’s a happy place that is buried deep in my brain. I love falling onto a bed face first and dozing off”. But for Michael this childhood comfort turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 30 years of tummy sleeping saw Michael develop chronic lower back pain. “It got to the point where I couldn’t lye on my stomach for more than 5 minutes. The pain was too great, easily strong enough to wake me many times a night”. Initially Michael turned to slow release pain killers and sleeping tablets to get him through the night but their all too regular use started to raise alarm bells with him. “At 50 I was looking ahead at 30+ years of sleeping tablets and pain killers to get some sleep and that didn’t sit well with me”.

So Michael turned on the root of the problem, his preferred tummy or stomach sleep position. But changing this habit of a lifetime proved a serious challenge. As Michael discovered, to might be easy to got to bed on ones back, even to fall asleep. But staying there through the night is another thing altogether. “No matter how I tried, I would always end up on my stomach during the night” say Michael. "The pain would kick in and my night’s rest was lost. It really was very frustrating”.

Michael is not alone. There are millions of people out there trying to make Back Sleeping their preferred position. So why is Back Sleeping such a desirable Sleep Position? Well there are more than a few reasons.

Back Sleeping is great for spine health. It allows the spine to rest in it's natural curved position. Similarly is it good for neck health. Pillow thickness is important to find a natural neck position, not too high or low. Back Sleeping allows internal organs to align correctly, avoiding them being squashed or squeezed during sleep. For many with lower back pain back sleeping provides great relief. Lower spinal pressure is released allowing the spinal disk to open up & repair. Placing a pillow under the knees can further help to flatten the lower back, reduce pressure & reduce the associated lower back pain. Some find Back Sleeping the best position to avoid reflux. The head is slightly higher than the stomach reducing the likelihood of reflux travelling up the oesophagus. For the cosmetically inclined, Back Sleeping is also a great way to avoid premature facial lines & wrinkles as when Back Sleeping our faces aren't pressed against the mattress or pillow. For women Back Sleeping can also reduce chest wrinkles that can develop with the weight of unsupported breasts. Furthermore Back Sleeping means the weight of breast are fully supported during sleep. This counters the effect of gravity during long sleep hours when breast are unsupported.

For Michael the solution to his Back Sleeping dilemma turned our to be a very simple and cost effective sleep device from Australia. The Back Sleeper. Designed and manufactured in Sydney, The Back Sleeper is one of those obvious ‘of coarse!’ products. It couldn’t be simpler really. The Back Sleeper makes stomach sleeping uncomfortable which discourages the wearer from doing it. So how does it actually work?

The Back Sleeper is a soft stretchy belt that fits around the waist. It has 3 balls sewn into the front. The balls rest against the wearers stomach whilst sleeping, held in place by an elasticised belt. When the wearer rolls onto their stomach it is uncomfortable so instead they stay on their back.

Made from advanced liquid titanium fabric with 4 way stretch The Back Sleeper is soft, breathable & moisture wicking. It is able to be worn over pyjamas or directly on the skin and there is nothing hard, sharp or scratchy to irritate. Very simple to slip on and off, The Back Sleeper is designed so it's forgotten about during the night. Plus it is small enough to stow under a pillow during the day.

“I use it ever night” says Michael. “I guess I’m a bit like a alcoholic or junkie with sleep. I still really want to sleep on my stomach and left to my own devices I would, no matter my will power. But The Back Sleeper is my buddy. I don’t even wake anymore. I know I must try to turn and roll to my stomach during sleep, but there is enough deterrent in The Back Sleeper to keep me where I need to be.”

The Back Sleeper comes in 5 stretchy sizes for different waist measurements. The Back Sleeper is also fully machine washable.

To try The Back Sleeper visit www.thebacksleeper.com. Ships globally via DHL Express Courier.

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