The Pandemic is Finished, Now What? What did we learn

Posted June 27, 2020 by kaimzz

Life has tons to offer. We overlook smaller things because we are moving a million miles a second.

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings over this time as we have been confined to shelter at home during this coronavirus pandemic. But after some time of being cautious and doing our public good of staying home, we are finally able to get back to a regular routine. With this time to sit back and reflect on what we are missing from not being able to live life normally, you realize what’s really important. Coming out of this pandemic, we all should:
Not take life or health for granted - Life can change in a second. We all should not take our existence for granted. With so many people falling ill and worse, life is not guaranteed tomorrow. Take every day as a blessing.
Cherish time with loved ones – Having to shelter in place for some meant being alone in these trying times. You never think that the last time you saw someone for a drink at a bar or walk in the park would be the last time you see them for months on end. The time we spend with others should be cherished, because you never know when you’ll have another opportunity to hang with them, if ever again.
Take advantage of technology – With the number of chat apps, video chatting platforms, games, and technology that most people have access to, utilizing them in this time to stay in touch with people is imperative. With staying at home one of the only ways to abide by the social distancing guidelines, technology has become a necessity to keep in contact with friends, family, and coworkers.
Enjoy the simple things – Life has tons to offer. We overlook smaller things because we are moving a million miles a second. It doesn’t hurt to take some time to stop and smell the roses. Especially during the times where we are not supposed to be out for extended periods that are not for essential purposes, what wouldn’t you give to take a slow stroll and admire the sunset or take a swim at the beach? Things that we push to the back burner or think of as trivial are things we are wishing we could do in our current state.
Another important thing we should all do is find someone to spend time with intimately. During this pandemic, many people have found themselves spending every hour by themselves. Extended isolation can become tremendously harmful to the human psyche. During this time, it would be beneficial for all of those with no one to be with to invest time and energy in finding a partner. With this time inside showing us all that is important in life, companionship, and having a person to share anything and everything with is essential. Finding that person now, where you can spend time getting to know them, can only strengthen a bond moving forward and give your relationship the tools to succeed in the long run.

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