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Will the Grinch Steal Christmas from Three Little Children and Their mom in Florida?
Rachael Pierson’s little children haven’t seen her in months. She lost over $9,000 wages, home in jeopardy of foreclosure, $4,000 legal fees, jailed 114 days. Will she be home for Christmas? That’s up to a county court judge to decide on Tuesday.

December 5, 2021

Florida Woman, Incarcerated Until Proven Guilty, now 105 days in jail, no bond, for shoplifting petit theft
Florida woman denied bond on shoplifting petit theft has lost 105 days of her life and counting in one FL county where she is being held hostage to "coerce" a guilty plea. Not a flight risk or danger to the community she should get bond.

November 30, 2021

Florida Woman Held NO BOND 99 Days on Shoplifting Charge, No Bond=no rights
Florida woman has already spent more time in jail for the crime she's accused of than most people who are adjudicated guilty of the charge. In legal limbo, no end in sight to jail.

November 27, 2021