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Posted September 30, 2020 by juiiceapp

How Juiice application is gaining immense popularity in the social media market

The social media market has been booming with precision, and nothing is stopping it. With already so many apps in the market battling it out to be the best, Juiice has also made its way in the competition. Juiice is a gallery for viral user-generated content that rewards creators and influencers.

Just like other social media apps, Juiice is also a social media sharing app that lets users share photos and videos. It is an art gallery where users get viral user-generated digital content and micro-content spread by different authors to keep visitors engaged and amused.

With the help of Juiice social media platform, a user can post almost everything without the need to know any additional skills. The authors spread their vision, their ability, their intellect of humor, their method of thinking, etc.

How to get started with Juiice
• Like any other social media platform, Juiice also lets its new users sign up. One can create a dedicated account for Juiice of sign up with an existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

• Once the sign-up process is over, the home screen will appear with the posts of different users. Juiice lets users vote on other posts and share them with their contacts.

• The trend of going "Live" is famous on Instagram and Facebook, in a similar manner, Juiice also lets users go "Live" at any time.

Users make platforms rich without any compensation
There is a plethora of online user-generated content that is interesting and amusing. With several uploads, likes, and shares we are helping firms like these earn millions. But users do not get anything in return. The users pave way for them but do get any rewards in return.

However, with Juiice the micro-influencers all around the globe can get rewarded. The dApp enabled website and app will provide users with various rewards who have used apps like these extensively to earn this. Juiice believes that it’s the individuals who make social media sites big should get rewarded as the users' participation is perhaps the most vital aspect for which each promoter competes.

Sharing benefits
Earning rewards is the right of users who use social media platforms and help them making huge bucks. Posting on social media is a trend that is richly followed by almost everyone, and there is no doubt platforms get promoted when users post anything. Talking about benefits, Juiice is on an operation to reward its content creators and influencers, unlike other social media channels who do not reward their users or share benefits.

Being a user, if you want to get money from online involvement, use Juiice app, write your thoughts, share best-captured photos, upload a video, and earn different awards by doing all this. Juiice always thrives t work towards the betterment of its users, so everybody will be enthused to contribute to this value-driven social platform.

Features of Juiice
It is an easy process to create an account on Juiice, and you can perform all the functions that the app offers. Some of its prominent features include,

• Users can add content at any time according to their choice and mood.
• Apart from adding, content sharing is also available
• Get news and social happening details hassle-free
• Perform daily tasks with ease
• The app has some extra features that could be unlocked
• The favorite content creator or influencer get rewarded
• Support any listed charity

The application that started in the second quarter of 2019, has been booming ever since its inception. Juiice has been improvising with its features and keeping a check on what users are posing. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Juiice made some significant changes to its services by,

• Integrating Augmented Reality (AR) features
• Introducing the Juiice Chat app for secure encrypted chat
• Juiice Photo App with face tracking feature
• Own games added to Juiice
• Collaboration with online celebrities/influencers

Juiice offers viral user-generated content and gains revenues alike any other social media platform. Apart from this, the app also offers several influencer tools through which users or advertisers can hire influencers or motivate them to start ad campaigns and pay them in the form of Juiice tokens.

Juiice always looks forward to improvise according to the need, and with the social media market-facing numerous challenges and heavy competition, we thrive to make all the necessary updates to remain in the hunt.

Time to wrap up: The social media market is a hub of competitions, and already there are a lot many competitors who have been making all the right noises. Juiice is an entertainment app with a vast social reach. Post videos, photos, blogs, or articles to maximize your business possibilities with a scattered audience.

Juiice social media platform is also offering a wide range of features and services in the quest to try bringing people and the community together. Rewarding their users is for their relevant content, and online activities are definitely the right foot forward towards success. So, get going with Juiice for news and social happening.
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