Reap the Countless Benefits of Using LED Traffic Light

Posted March 30, 2018 by joolbinduan

Currently, LED technology has been used in plethora range of items for various benefits. LED gives an amazing deal of benefits to the users from all the scales.

Currently, LED technology has been used in plethora range of items for various benefits. LED gives an amazing deal of benefits to the users from all the scales. When it comes to traffic lights, LEDs are one of the boons because of its unlimited benefits.

At present, the super bright LED bulbs replace incandescent lamps as warning lights, traffic lights, and sign lights throughout the globe. Check out below to know the benefits of a led traffic light that makes them ideal and best light source for traffic signal lighting.
Benefits of LED traffic lights

Excellent visibility

LED traffic lights can able to maintain better visibility and performance even though it is in continuous light, dust, rain, and other hard weather conditions. It emits monochromatic light so that it does not need the color film to produce yellow, red, green color signal.
Apart from this, the light emitted by the LED has some divergence directive and angle that can be accessed rather than traditional signal spherical mirrors. This amazing feature solves the problems of phantom and color film fading in the traditional traffic light and even enhances the light efficiency.

Energy saving

One of the biggest benefits of the LED light is lower power consumption so that it makes big sense in the lighting applications. When compared to incandescent bulbs, it offers almost 100 percent LED excitation energy as the visible light whereas incandescent offers only 20% of visible light.

Long lifespan

The working environment of the traffic light is quite harsh because it stands in freezing winter, sunny days, sultry summer, and even rainy days. Therefore, the traffic light has huge requirement for stability. In general, lights with incandescent bulbs have an average lifespan of about 1000hours whereas halogen lights have 2000hours.

Thus, they are resulting in the high maintenance costs. On the other hand, LED traffic lights life expectancy is about 80000hours and it does not suffer from any damages caused by the glass broken and filament shocks issues.

Low thermal energy

As LED technology gets electrical energy directly into the light, it generated a low amount of heat and almost no heat. The LED traffic light’s cooled surface gives a longer lifespan and even protects folks to avoid burns in the maintenance.

Instant response

When compared to halogen bulbs, LED traffic lights response much faster and therefore it reduces traffic accidents considerably. In the urban areas, traffic lights play a significant role and a huge number of dead or old traffic lights require to be updated or replaced every year. Therefore, it is essential to opt for LED traffic light.


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