Rapid development of China's LED explosion proof lights

Posted August 17, 2021 by jojo123

In the 21st century, with industrial development: the rapid development of the petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries, lighting fixtures used in the production, storage,

In the 21st century, with industrial development: the rapid development of the petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries, lighting fixtures used in the production, storage, rescue more widely, more and more varieties. At this time in dangerous places where explosive gas lighting how to prevent accidental explosions occurred is very important.

Since the general lighting inevitably sparks formation at work or hot surfaces, which once produced or rescue scene with an explosive gas mixture met, will lead to an explosion, directly endanger the safety of life and property of citizens of the State. Therefore, as the most widely used lighting, explosion-proof technical problems it had aroused widespread concern and attention, in this case, proof lights homeopathy and birth.

To promote LED explosion-proof lights, the country from a strategic height overall system deployment, in 2012, the State Department arranged 2.2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights; Commerce Department to start saving thousands of stores in malls demonstration; Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued "semiconductor lighting energy industry planning. "The introduction of this series of policies for the semiconductor lighting industry has played a significant role in promoting. Correspondingly, local policies also continue to introduce more and more regions are trying to build semiconductor lighting industrial bases, have developed semiconductor lighting industrial planning, the introduction of policies for supporting semiconductor lighting demonstration projects carried out.

Under the policy boost, the city of ten thousand 37 pilot cities has implemented demonstration projects over 2700, the application of LED lamps over 7 million, the annual saving of more than 2.1 billion degrees. The regional pattern formed basically, Xiamen, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang 15 industrial base, the initial formation of a certain supporting capacity of industrial clusters; Science and Technology approved the 37 cities of ten thousand ten pilot cities for promoting integration and application of semiconductor lighting technology played an exemplary role; Pearl River Delta region has become the production base of application products, focused on the more than 50 percent of the semiconductor lighting company. Industrial-scale to achieve sustained growth, in 2012 the annual output value of 192 billion yuan, representing an increase of 23 percent in 2011, the strategic emerging industry has been basically formed. The standard detection system also gradually improves the standard revised plan mainly for test methods and performance requirements, new standards are mainly related to equipment and materials, devices and modules, lighting and lamps, lighting applications and energy efficiency, and so on. led grow lights https://www.eneltec-led.com/products/led-grow-lights

In the application, our manufacturing base is global lighting products. 2012 LED general lighting output value of nearly 42 billion yuan, an increase of 40%; annual output of 310 million, a substantial increase in the number; LED lighting products manufacturing capacity and export volume ranking first in the world. LED in general lighting accounting for more and more, commercial lighting and public lighting has become a key application area. In the field of outdoor lighting penetration rate is relatively high, but the overall market penetration is still low, 2011 was only 1%, in 2012 more than 3%; initial demonstration project led lighting applications municipal systems transformed into major markets, focusing on the road, public lighting tunnels, plazas, subway lighting; and commercial lighting with a good economy has become the fastest-growing application market segments. best led headlights http://bestledheadlight.com/
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