Intelligent LED lighting is not " Intelligent " enough

Posted September 28, 2021 by jojo123

In the LED application period, lamp's property is no longer scattered individuals,

In the LED application period, lamp's property is no longer scattered individuals, it’s the huge number of LED lamps set into one whole lighting system, and then to diversify control mode by intelligent management platform.

LED intelligent control system is applied to the building stairs and aisle lighting, will be able to give full play to the advantages of LED energy-saving, and "on-demand lighting" concept, act as a "people to light, people chase dark" dimming effect, achieve a good energy-saving effect.

When the LED luminous efficiency of the use of the limit, energy-saving LED lighting effects will no longer be the ultimate selling point of interest. Future LED lighting competition is more reflected in the demand for intelligent, LED light source characteristics to determine its future intelligent lighting direction. However, the current domestic LED intelligent lighting penetration rate is less than 2%. led grow lights

LED domestic enterprises to develop an intelligent understanding of the concept and the technology is not deep enough, still remain in the implementation of the dimming of LED lamps color simple stage. best led headlights

Of course, it does not matter with the current level of domestic lower LED intelligent technology. Due to lack of intelligent device support, the LED intelligent platform is imperfect, operability is not strong.
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