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Posted May 8, 2014 by johnybfre

Anyone that is involved in a field where automation is used in order to produce items and goods will want to know a little bit about PLC systems.

Anyone that is involved in a field where automation is used in order to produce items and goods will want to know a little bit about PLC systems. This is because Programmable Logic Controllers are widely used in assembly lines and in factories in general. It is obvious how taking more advanced PLC training courses will give anyone more leverage in their field of expertise because they will be able to account for and supervise all the levels of production.

There are many things that we need to learn about if we’re interested in joining the PLC courses that many professional companies provide. The fact that there are a number of types of PLC’s shouldn’t be a surprise. Since a PLC is basically a type of digital computer, seeing how they have a microprocessor, a high number of operating systems have been created in order to use them. As in the more known industry of desktop computers, when it comes to PLC’s we can distinguish between more popular operating systems and the less popular. The leading brands of PLC’s are Siemens and Allen Bradley. There are other types of PLC’s that are worth mentioning as well, and in this regard Mitsubishi and Omron come to mind. Of course, these are not the only types of PLC’s that are being used today, but if we should pick to undergo PLC courses, then the Siemens PLC training provided by experienced companies is a good choice.

We might wonder what makes PLC’s so special as opposed to the regular computers, the desktop computers that we all use. Since they’re designed to do pretty much the same thing, why didn’t we stick to the normal computers? Well, even though desktop computers can be used as well, the fact is that PLC’s are designed to endure harsh environments. The PLC was designed to function in wider temperature ranges, whilst also being immune to electrical noise, vibrations and impacts. If we want to open a business and start manufacturing something that would benefit from the use of automation, then we will need to use PLC’s. Taking several PLC training courses is mandatory, as we’ll need to find out which brand is better suited for our application. Starting with the Siemens PLC training is a good choice.

Some people say that the difference between the two leading types of systems, the Siemens PLC and the Allen Bradley PLC, is that the former is easier to use by people that have experience with programming, whilst the latter is best suited for those that don’t have that much experience with computers. It’s hard to say which one is more user friendly since both of these brands have created several types of programs that are easy to use in certain situations, and not so much in others. It’s often said that what companies use depends more on tradition than on something else. For example, the Siemens PLC’s are more widely used in Europe, while the Allen Bradley PLC’s are popular in the United States. Either way, if we want to get some PLC training, then we can’t go wrong by choosing the Siemens PLC training courses.

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