Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May be Broken

Posted December 24, 2016 by johnpreston

Most garage doors will bend at the top because of the heavy lifting with a broken spring.

One of the main culprits of a malfunctioning garage door is broken O’Fallon garage door springs. There is little choice except to replace the broken spring. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy and inexpensive procedure and will get your garage door back to good working order in no time. It is important to call in a professional repair service if you suspect the door spring is broken. Attempting to fix the problem yourself can easily lead to injury or more extensive and expensive damage. With that in mind, there are some common signs that indicate the garage door spring might be broken.

Door cables look broken

A common problem that accompanies broken springs is a broken cable. When the spring breaks, the cables may become disconnected, fall to the ground or fly everywhere. It is rare for the cables to break by themselves. It is however still necessary to physically inspect the spring to determine whether or not it is the main culprit. It is a good idea to call in a professional repairman to perform the necessary checks and repairs.

The garage door only opens 6 inches

Many homeowners only discover that the Belleville garage door springs are broken when they attempt to open the door. Most garage doors come with a safety feature that causes the door to stop if sensitivity or force is detected. A broken spring triggers this feature, which is why the door opens only a few inches before stopping.

A loud bang noise

The sound of a breaking spring is unmistakable and you might catch it if it breaks while you are in close proximity to the garage. The large amount of energy and tension being released as it breaks causes a loud noise. The noise is often described as startling.

The garage door is bent at the top

Most garage doors will bend at the top because of the heavy lifting with a broken spring. The required repairs depend on the type of door and extent of the damage. In most cases, the area will be bent back into place to regain its normal appearance and the strut replaced. In extreme cases, it might be necessary to replace the top section of the door, which can be costly.

A good Monroe, IL garage doors repair service can inspect the door and determine the specific problem and right course of action. Technicians from Metro East Overhead Doors have a good reputation for speedy, effective and cost-effective service. Working with a reputable repair service allows you to continue using your garage door without any problems for a long time to come.


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