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Posted September 23, 2021 by johnlarson

Have you been so exhausted but couldn't help staring at the updates in the social media?

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When was the last time you had dinner without swiping on the phone?

Have you been so exhausted but couldn't help staring at the updates in the social media?

How many browser tabs do you open on average while you're working on a report?

When we enjoy the efficiency and entertainment brought to us by technology, we couldn't help but pay more attention to the "not-that-important-or-urgent" matter. It's not surprising that the KPI or the measurement of a successful game includes the session time. According to research, users spent an average of 18.78 minutes playing hyper casual gaming apps. We were not surprised by the number and as a game developer who would like to help our players to enjoy more in life, we decided to make "Focus Quest" a slightly different game. What we want to do is to push a bit forward for "Idle Game“ , yeah, we literally mean it. The core gameplay of "Focus Quest" is for you to train your characters to beat different monsters. While the training begins, you can put down your phone and do something else. We encourage you to start working on the report writing, reading a bit, and watching the self-learning video you bought before. After the training time, you just return to "Focus Quest" and then claim your reward. Spending the reward wisely on talents points, gears and rune will definitely help you to make good progress. It's similar to the pomodoro technique, also named as tomato timer. Block the screen for a couple minutes and you can train yourself to stay focused.

People usually link the fun elements of the game to the time that a gamer is willing to spend on it in a single session. We see the point and enjoy the indulging time a good time brings us but probably not on a daily basis, especially since we are not professional gamer or E-sport athletes. We still have to deliver progress at the workplace, spend time with kids and have quality time with partners and friends. It's quite difficult to balance when we come to gather to start working on "Focus Quest" design. The growth of your character also represents the gaining of your self-control. You can also opt to have the white-list so you won't miss the important message or skip the work while you're on the training mode.

"Focus Quest“ would like to be your companion in the the route of gaining back your attention, not paying them. A game with enough fun elements and seasoning it with the strategic gameplay is our intention. We would like to make a game that you can enjoy and remember after the training time is up. And we're very happy to see the feedback from the players, sharing about how they use "Focus Quest" to build a habit and how they feel about uniqueness of our gameplay. The reward of focus training will be proportional to the length of focus time. Players need to spend the resources and talent points carefully in order to fight against the boss and make progress. The only way to become stronger is to become more patient and gain back the attention in real life.

Try it out and feel the change "Focus Quest" brings you :)

Beat phone addictions and stay in control, help you with study, uni, and work
Stay focused - Collect hero resources when you put down the phone and focus
Train hero - Use resources to train your hero
Forge gears - Collect gear materials to forge powerful gears
Save the world - Fight off monsters and bring time order back to Focusland
Records - Stay on track of the time you focused so that you can better plan your tasks
Rewards - gamified tasks and rewards help you stay on track of your focus goals

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