Don’t let termination of employment be a drama

Posted November 22, 2012 by johnharisson

When you sign an employment contract everything seems to be good. During these hard times, unemployment is a real drama for many families.

When you sign an employment contract everything seems to be good. During these hard times, unemployment is a real drama for many families. With a new contract in your pocket hope revives and you see la vie en rose. Unfortunately, employment contracts also have termination of employment clauses. Some of them might be misinterpreted by your employer and force you to prematurely quit your job. As many risks may be hidden in tricky wording and they are supposed to harm you sometimes, the provisions of your contract must not make room for unwanted interpretations by your employer. Since both parties want to secure their position, it is understandable that employment contract lawyers have a great deal to do.

Relying on your own common sense when reading an employment contract that you have to sign might be the biggest error you ever made. That is why services provided by employment contract lawyers are so needful. They are among the few persons who can decode ciphered phrases that might have multiple senses or seize the absence of some clauses that are serving your interests.

What lawyers designate by wrongful termination of employment has the meaning of a situation when an employer decides to terminate an employee’s labour contract in breach of a single or several terms of the employment contract. This is an unwanted consequence of signing a contract without previously asking for an employment contract lawyer’s opinion. Assuming the risks of such an action is not the wisest thing you could do.

As there are multiple kinds of terms in your employment contract, not all of them are written, because some are only implied or inferred. Many provisions of the labour legislation are mandatory and are not included in the contract. If they change, the contract does not need to be rewritten, because they start acting automatically. Provisions that are inferred from general legislation do not bound anybody to include them in an employment contract. An expert eye could easily see what is missing and what is not clear in a contract. Therefore, it is preferable to ask for qualified help than taking it all on your own.

Depending on the clauses in the contract, in case of termination of your employment you may have some rights as, for example, the right to compensation for some other contractual entitlements. You could also have the right to eventual payments that you should have got during your employment, such as bonus or performance rewards.

Be sure to ask for legal advice when you see some peculiar clauses in the contract like, for example, the right of the employer to change the duties of the employee when considering such an action necessary. Such a clause must be limited to specific cases and cannot be too general. This is why you need the advice of a lawyer with good expertise in this kind of legislation.
Termination of employment is undesirable for anyone, but sometimes it could turn into a real tragedy. To avoid being the victim in this process be sure to contact an employment contract lawyer before signing your labour contract.
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