Carpet and Carpet Washing: Some Advice

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The time has come: your carpet needs cleaning, and this time it's not enough just another vacuuming pass! The stains are accumulating, the dust has infiltrated its texture, or even insects are lurking: it's time to run for cover. Normally the best thing is to rely on a professional carpet and carpet cleaning company. But by following a few simple tips you can still get great results: all you need is the right tools, the vacuum cleaner and a method. If you have everything in hand you will need just a couple of hours, but be careful! For washing large carpets and rugs you will also need an extra hand: you save effort by asking a couple of friends for help. Here is how to perform carpet cleaning.

Carpet and carpet washing: first operations

Organize a cleaning point outside
Summer is a great time to clean your carpets because you need to do it outside. Choose a time when the weather is nice and sunny (for a few days if possible), and organize a clean-up point. If possible do not do it on the lawn, so as not to spread the detergents into the soil. The support for the carpets must be very solid, as they are much heavier than normal fabrics. If there are trees in the garden, you can fix ropes to spread them. Even benches and walls can be for you.

Carefully vacuum clean

Washing carpets and rugs Begin with a good pass of vacuuming. First clean the fibers then turn the carpet upside down and do the same on the other side, to remove the dust that has accumulated there. When it is clean, wrap it up, take it outside and place it on the support you have prepared. If your rug still looks dusty, beat it with a carpet beater or similar tool. Don't hit it too hard, but with a few bumps: keeps it up until you see more clouds of dust coming out of the carpet.

Try the carpet shampoo

As a general rule, when trying to figure out how to organize washing carpets and rugs, always try shampoos before applying them over the entire surface. Then apply a small amount to a corner or a limited area, pour some water on it and leave it to work for a few hours. Then come back to rinse and wash off the shampoo. Look carefully to see if there were any color or fiber damage. It is a good idea to look for a specific shampoo for the materials your carpet is made of. Absolutely do not try do-it-yourself solutions or other non-specific carpet cleaners!
Carpet and carpet washing: how to proceed

Wash the carpet and apply the shampoo
Professional carpet and carpet washing After finding the right shampoo, it's time to take the pump and do a nice wash! Don't worry about getting it too wet, you have to prepare it well for shampooing. A sturdy brush with a firm grip handle is usually the most suitable tool to make the shampoo penetrate deep into the fibers. But rest assured: this step will require a lot of energy to brush it to the fullest! Dress accordingly, use plenty of water to make the foam and concentrate on any stains.

Rinse the carpet

Read the instructions for using the shampoo, then let it act for the time required. When it is time to rinse with the pump. It is important not to leave shampoo residues, so take your time.

Dry the carpet

This step also requires patience. Try to twist the carpet as much as possible to remove excess water; a washer could help you. Once this step is completed, the carpet will still be very wet, so you'll have to wait for it to dry completely before bringing it back home. It may take more than a day, maybe even a whole weekend. Consider bringing the carpet into the laundry room or garage to keep it more secure. When the carpet is completely dry you will not feel moisture passing your hands over it, and it will probably be a little stiff.

Pass the vacuum one last time

Place the carpet where it was, and pass the vacuum again. The carpet fibers will probably be flattened after washing and will not look good. A good pass of vacuum will serve to "comb" the fibers and give the carpet its natural appearance.

As is well known, prevention is better than cure: this also applies to your air conditioning system. In times of need, you can of course contact a professional air conditioner cleaning company. However, some simple maintenance operations will help you maintain the efficiency of your system and eliminate the risk of more serious damage. Follow these tips and you will save time, effort and money later.
Air conditioner cleaning: some maintenance operations

Cleaning and changing the filters
Cleaning air conditioners and air filters It might seem obvious, but cleaning and changing air filters regularly is the most important maintenance operation for an air conditioner . This simple air conditioner cleaning operation guarantees you to keep the efficiency level of your system high. Filters naturally require more frequent attention if your system works continuously, if it is in dusty environments, or if you have pets in the house. After cleaning the filters a couple of times, you will realize for yourself how often you need to do this. Of course, if cleaning doesn't have the desired effect, it's time to change the filter!
Clean the grilles and internal screens

The condenser and the evaporator of the air conditioner accumulate dirt over time. This dirt reduces the passage of clean air by isolating the internal mechanisms, thus reducing the ability to absorb heat. Remove the cover of the conditioner and clean the screens carefully with suitable products. The external condenser gratings can also become very dirty if the exterior environment is very dusty or if there are plants nearby. Use a soft plastic bristle brush and foam cleaner to clean these items.

Remove solid residues from the outdoor unit

Over time leaves, grass, solid debris and dirt accumulate on the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. All this obviously decreases the system's ability to function at its best and reduces air circulation. Make sure you regularly cut shrubs and grass all around your unit. In this way you reduce the possibility of obstructions in the air passage.

Other air conditioner maintenance operations

Cleaning of condensers and aluminum fins The aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser fold easily. This once again reduces or blocks the passage of air in the system, therefore rearranging and straightening the aluminum fins. There are obviously special tools but you can also use, for example, a kitchen knife, or a comb with plastic teeth. Always wear latex gloves to avoid cutting yourself.

Release the drain hose from the condensate

If you see water coming out of the system when you use the air conditioning, most likely the condensate drain hose is clogged. The condensation of the air conditioning turbines favors the formation of bacteria, which in turn accumulate in dirt that clogs the condensate drain pipe. Prevent the accumulation of dirt that clogs the condensate drain pipe by cleaning it regularly. If it is damaged or broken, replace it immediately
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