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Posted August 22, 2020 by jeniferlara22

The beauty of vermeil jewellery is that its appearance and artisanship is akin to pure gold jewellery.

For retail jewelry stores or individuals that are looking for high quality, yet affordable semi-precious gemstone and Vermeil jewelry, some of the best items available on the market are from UK. Venu J is  a famous UK based company provides best handcrafted pendants, charms, earrings, turquoise ring , gold vermeil necklace, gold vermeil rings, turquoise ring, gemstone rings, labradorite ring, labradorite necklace, rainbow moonstone ring, amazonite ring, vermeil gold earrings, bracelets and gorgeous necklaces with real freshwater cultured pearls, and gemstones like VJ1, delicately accented with white cubic zirconia and set into sterling silver and genuine Vermeil settings. Before you decide if such jewelry is right for your retail clientele, you may want to know a little more about what Vermeil actually is.

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil used in jewellery today is produced by electrolysis, a far safer process when compared to the original fire-gilding method. This process uses a DC current in an electrolytic bath to produce a non-spontaneous chemical reaction; in the case of Vermeil fusing and attaching a thick layer of gold to sterling silver.

Not all Vermeil is created equal. In order to be considered actual gold vermeil and not an inferior gold-plated item, the jewellery, tableware or industry product must meet a set of requirements. These requirements are spelled out in the US Code of Federal Regulations 16, Part 23.5 defining vermeil as a product consisting of a sterling silver base, coated with a gold or gold alloy layer of a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns. In addition, the gold used must be at least 10-karat (42%) gold. This means that if sterling silver is not used, or if sterling silver is covered with a base metal plated with gold it can't be marketed as vermeil.

The beauty of vermeil jewelry is that its appearance and artisanship is akin to pure gold jewelry. In addition, Vermeil is safe for people with allergic reactions because it can only contain sterling silver and gold. And, did we mention that Vermeil is also far more economical than pure gold jewelry?

Words from the desk of owner - The Venu J way.

Venu J collections, to me, is more than a business, it is my dream personified, it is a reflection of my individuality and creativity and that is why here at Venu J collections we aim to create a personalized experience for you, a chance to express your SELF, YOUR creativity, YOUR style and help you create jewellery that reflects YOU.

That is why at Venu J collections we say “We create Jewellery, as Unique as you”.

Our goal, is to give our women the control to buy EXACTLY what they want. When I decided to launch this business, I knew how saturated it was.

But I knew Venu J would be different. Because to me, it was more than just jewellery. Every piece of design, gemstone , colours, every little details is put through our customers first. And they get to decide what they see come to life. I wanted my girls to feel the same level of excitement and flow of creativity and fun that I felt.

I want to grow this brand with these exact girls.  We are taking customization to the next level. It isn't just about engravings, and mix and matching personalization from pre-selected pieces. We only put out what our women have approved. How do we do this? Each design created gets voted through a poll. If at least 80% of our customers love it, then its here to stay.

To make this a little more interesting, we also run a once a year design competition so our girls can get real creative. They get to draw, colour, and measure and submit the designs and the winner gets to see their work come to life! It allows our girls to truly be a part of Venu J and its growth.

Our jewellery is based around beautiful and unique gemstones crafted into 18ct vermeil gold. We want to allow the beautiful jewellery our girls pick to be affordable but also of great quality.

In a world where fast fashion dominates, we are committed to intentional, sustainable production and therefore work with suppliers who share our ethos. Our limited edition pieces are made in a quantity that honors the time and love it takes to create fine jewellery, to ensure that we deliver the best quality. We work with talented artisans from Jaipur, India who have a strong supply chain of gemstones and a reputation to match. All of the gemstones used across our range are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified.

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