How To Cure Poor Vision Problem And Improve Eyesight?

Posted September 7, 2017 by jarvisnorwin

I-Lite capsules are the best natural supplements to cure poor vision problem and improve eyesight in a safe and healthy manner.

Most eye problems have no symptoms. Visions issues due to changes in refractive index are common in people of all ages and mostly, one requires reading glasses in later ages. Macular degeneration, cataract and optic nerve disorder such as glaucoma are becoming common. Glaucoma is a progressive irreversible condition which can cause complete vision loss but is treatable if detected on time. Everyday climatic changes, allergies, environmental interaction, radiations or exposure to chemicals, diabetic eye problems can cause damage to eye tissues and people go for change in lens, glasses or surgery to improve vision. There are certain conditions where one may suffer from vision problems even after adopting these methods, so how to improve eyesight in such conditions.

Phyllanthus emblica is known as chakshushya in ayurveda and can provide ways to how to cure poor vision problem. It has been mentioned for various vision problems. Pharmacologically, it is known as Vrishya which can enhance composition of all the seven type of tissues of the body, including the reproductive functions. It can cure skin diseases and inhibit heat and pressure related imbalance of blood flow to the nerves going to the eyes. It can be found in herbal eye drops as it cures ophthalmic disorders such as degenerative conditions, postoperative cataract, conjunctivitis and improves vision, The study on the herb found it has role as anti-inflammatory and can cure infective eye conditions as well as restrict progression of degenerative disorders. Even the leave juice can prevent sore eyes.

The fruit berries are taken orally to cure anemia, jaundice, constipation, ulcers and asthma. It can prevent infections and itching to eyes due to immune disorders. It has anti mutagenic effects and can enhance hemoglobin levels (as tested in laboratory on rats). The berries are rich in vitamin C, gallic acids, flavonoids, tannins and a range of phyto chemicals. This can be found in I-Lite capsules which provide simple ways to how to cure poor vision problem.

Malkangani or Celastrus paniculatus is another key ingredient in the I-Lite capsules which provides effective ways to how to improve eyesight. It cures musculo-neurological, intestinal health, reduce cholesterol levels and can alleviate skin inflammation. The oil of the herb preserves the declining levels of acetylchoinesterase - which increases in brain during amnesia and this was tested in laboratory on rat model. This has been found to be effective in myelin regeneration and it is effective against aluminum neurotoxicity and can provide natural ways to how to improve eyesight.

Haritaki or terminalia chebula, as in I-Lite capsules, protects the body tissues from aging and enhances immunity. Its regular oral intake can enhance body's resistance against diseases. Its myrobalan improves brain activities and reduces the impact of stress. It prevents acidity that ascends into the brain and eliminates mucus from the nasal tissues. Shatavari is another ingredient in the capsules which has properties to cure eyesight problems, especially, when people are into work where long hours sitting in front of computers or laptops is required or those who have to drive for long duration. Eyestrain due to constant work can be prevented by taking the extract of Shatavari, which provides easy ways to how to cure poor vision problem.
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