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How? Very nicely, systematically and slowly. It takes months and years to become fat by 3-30 kilos. We all like short cuts, thats why all the fastest routes are popular among any human being to lose weight.

Weight Loss, Why? Because we gained weight.

How? Very nicely, systematically and slowly. It takes months and years to become fat by 3-30 kilos. We all like short cuts, thats why all the fastest routes are popular among any human being to lose weight. Drastic diets and Rigorous work outs are normal; apart from that people go to the extent of taking medicines to not feel hungry and use machines on themselves so that they don’t have to do rigorous workout to having surgeries performed on themselves to lose weight.

The body is not under shock when you put on weight because you suddenly did not double or triple your food intake and become sedentary in life. So you did not feel the effect immediately. In the long run you start feeling the effects of putting on weight.

But what happens when you make a drastic change to your life style? You decide to lose weight and climb on the weighing scale every single day! Did you ever do that when you were putting on weight? Did you keep looking at yourself in the mirror every day to see where you have gained weight from? No. Then why have you decided to take the route of drastically changing your weight with immediate effect.

The outcome of drastic change to your life style is that it hits like a thunderbolt to your brain. All the neurons start working overtime like how we work in a situation of Tsunami. They are in panic! They send panic signals to the entire system, releasing stress hormones, those hormones spread inside your body and start hunting for food to store, why because its an emergency, War has taken place in the body!

Now two people are fighting one you and the other is your system, you are fighting vigorously to lose everything in a short time and system is fighting to restore the damage being done by you.

After you finish the fight of losing weight quickly, then what happens? Are you able to continue with the same diet and exercise routine? And you have to step it up every now and then as this much will not be enough. Then what happens? Again nicely, systematically and slowly…. we gain weight…and as we get older it becomes more difficult to lose weight… So now you will have to do a more drastic diet and more vigorous work out!!!

This cycle will go on.. till your system gives up and stops responding and then any amount of diet will not work..then what will you do? Liposuction? This constant fight between you and your system has to end. There is one simple way to get out of this lifelong struggle.

A 'real' or realistic lifestyle change programme with Practical / Doable changes covering every segment of your day with certain Key Differences

•The first key thing is that you will not feel it is taking over your life even though it is changing your whole life.
•Usually a 'Change Programme' implies anxiety because you are always worried how long you can pull it off...when will it crash and you will end up cheating! And then all you are left with is the feeling of guilt and frustration with yourself.
•This is the key difference in this programme, it actually lets you be- eat the way you eat, drink as you do! And this is the starting point! From here we make intelligent changes.
•You usually feel you are running against time. But in this programme the key difference is that you have all the time in the world and not once will you feel guilty because not once you will be tempted as nothing is being denied to you. Remember the starting point...'eat what you want, do what you like, be who you are'.

All this is possible because of the extensive research done by Dr. Bharat Thakur. He developed the NEW HIMALAYAN CHALLENGE from the feedback of our last 'change programme' that it was difficult to sustain, although effective.

In fact the main aspect of the New Himalayan Challenge programme is that it is not restrictive and completely doable.
So what are the components behind this Success Formula?

1. This formula is based on the art of losing a habit. Why it is an art is because you cannot lose a habit through will power or force. That is the art we will help you inculcate through this programme.

2. Habits are neural patterns or deep rooted patterns in the brain which are linked up to our sensory experiences of touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing. So our likings are based on what we see, hear taste and so on, and they further become habits. They are patterns guided by our brain. When you try to change a habit forcefully by denying something you are used to, the brain cannot handle it. It's a very threatening situation for the brain when it is challenged to make drastic changes. So as a mother weans a child from habits in the growing up process, we have to wean the brain off our habits through similar compassion, positivity and patience. We have to be happy while doing it otherwise we cannot succeed.

3. So this programme creates a whole new range of sensory exoeriences which allow you to gently and voluntarily change your whole palate of likes and dislikes, working backwards from your senses to a create new set of neural patterns in your brain.

4. This sounds easy but is a very delicate and deep process. This is part of the science of kaya kalpa or age reversal. Like we all know the key to beauty and charisma is that it is effortless and painless. The approach of kaya kalpa is one of creating a no-stress environment for the change to happen. It is only in this environment of trust that the doors of the unconscious open up to change.

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