The Benefits of Implementing Real Estate CRM

Posted November 19, 2020 by JaneEdisonn

Businesses nowadays need to remain competitive, to attract as many clients as possible, sell their products and services.

Businesses nowadays need to remain competitive, to attract as many clients as possible, sell their products and services. The good news is that there are many tools to help succeed these goals. One of them is Phoneburner, which is software dedicated to increase outbound sales performance. It combines different features, such as email tracking, power dialing, reporting, and more, all for growing sales. Another powerful tool is real estate CRM, which boosts even more features, helping agents store data, obtain reports and analytics, call clients, track progress, benefit from marketing tools, and more.

What Is Real Estate CRM

Real estate CRM stands for customer relationship management and it is designed specifically for this field. Some agents use it to manage clients, to have all their data in one place, to follow leads and prospective, to add events in calendars and organize work better. The main goal is to convert people to clients, to maintain a positive relationship even after the sale. There are many types of CRM solutions and most agents use one of them to gather information, store it and always have access to it, regardless of their location and device used.

It is more likely to convert prospective clients through customer relationship management systems, because it is easier to follow-up on their activities, establish when to call or email them and make sure they are satisfied all the way. CRM benefits businesses, employees, and customers. Customers usually have questions and requests and it is essential to manage them efficiently and respond in a timely manner. By implementing such a system, it is possible to personalize customer service and gain a better understanding of client’s requirements and needs.

What Is Phoneburner

Before implementing any tool within the business, it is essential to get to know as much as possible about it and the value it brings. As for Phoneburner , it is a power dialer and a sales accelerator solution that enhances productivity for agents that have to make phone calls on a daily basis. Call centers, sales teams and professionals use sales acceleration as a way to boost sales, enhance follow-up, increase live answers rate, and schedule appointments. The solution is cloud-based, which means that agents can log in from any location and make phone calls directly. Of course, there are other power dialers available on the market and comparing solutions is the best way to figure out which works best and fulfils more needs.

Sales representatives and call centers make phone calls on a daily basis and a tool that simplifies the process is highly appreciated. With Phoneburner they are able to call up to 80 contacts per hour, send personalized emails, record calls, take notes, and schedule follow-ups. Due to the tool’s popularity, many providers have come up with their own solutions and even improved experience, because they took some features and added new ones. It is no wonder the market for such solutions is growing, and this is great news for businesses, because they have choices at their disposal.

No matter the software package you choose for your business in the end, it is essential to make sure it fits your business model and your needs. For instance, real estate CRM is developed specifically for this domain and has numerous features for agents. Customer segmentation is one of them, and it is particularly useful to segment customers based on their income, demographics, industry, requirements, and the stage of the purchase they are at. Realtors can use the filters and choose what customers to follow-up, which need to be called, and which are closer to purchasing properties.

Marketing plays a vital role in all businesses, because everyone wants to attract new customers, make sure they are satisfied with the purchase and will return for more. Real estate CRM has marketing strategies integrated, which means that companies can send surveys to get to know clients better, to keep in touch as well. If you want to fulfil your clients’ needs, you should learn as much as possible about their requirements. Using customer relationship management, it is a lot easier to interact with prospect buyers, thanks to features such as regular emails and personalized communication.

Sales teams are always busy, following up customers, scheduling meetings and appointments, sending emails, and more. These tasks are highly important, and many of them are repetitive. Instead of wasting valuable time with them, real estate CRM helps save plenty time and effort. This way, agents can focus on other processes, become more productive, and challenging. You can view the tool as a personal assistant, because it stores information, sends alerts, has a calendar integrated, sends emails, shares files and important documentation.

Where to Find Phoneburner Alternatives

Not everyone uses Phoneburner and this is because there are so many worthy alternatives out there. Some stand out with great features, helping agents communicate better with clients. The power dialer is essential in a company that has to reach contacts and make phone calls daily. Managing and sorting contacts is essential to prioritize them, and this is something to look into.

What also matters is to experience a clear connection, with no delays. Agents are in full control with Phoneburner and similar solutions, because they don’t have to dial manually, and they will not experience finger fatigue. Some solutions are cloud-based, which is more beneficial, because installation is not required, and agents can use them easily without requiring special training.

There are many other features to Phoneburner and its competitors, depending on what businesses need the most and what they are looking for in such a tool. A quick online search is enough to discover the possibilities and get in touch with providers, getting to know what they offer and if their tools are suitable for your requirements. Once you discuss with providers directly you learn about new software packages and new features and improve other business operations as well. You never know what you can implement in your business to help employees become more efficient and productive.
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