Basic Psychic Self Defense and Energy Protection Techniques

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Protect Yourself From People Who Drain YouI’m sure this topic has been covered many times before. Despite this, it’s always good to have a refresher course.

This is especially true considering in our world now more than ever there is so much energy draining and “vampirism” going on.
For those who don’t know, energy vampirism is when a person uses any fear based emotion to emotionally impact us and thereby gain access to our personal energy whereas they are then capable of claiming it as their own. Some of these fear based emotions include intimidation, guilt, embarrassment, pity, anger, and depression.
It becomes important for people that find themselves constantly around energy vampires and their negativity to consistently remind themselves that they are in control of their own energy and where it goes.
That, of course, isn’t always easy and in some cases is much easier said than done. Thankfully, there are many very basic and easy techniques that a person can learn, experiment with, and practice to protect their own energy and themselves from the negativity of others.
Psychic Defense Technique One – White Light
Perhaps the most well known technique in the new age and metaphysical realms is that which involves white light or just light energy. The concept of surrounding ourselves with the white light of eternal love and protection is not really new to many. Still, many have trouble figuring out exactly how to do this. May I suggest the following visualizations:
a) Picture yourself in the center of a light bulb, then imagine it is turned on.b) While standing under a shower of water (real or imagined), see/feel the water turn into the light.c) Visualize an angel hovering over you and the light radiating from all around it and around you.
White light is important as being in it raises our own vibrations thus making it less likely that we’ll even encounter those who are choosing to follow the path of a lower vibration (hence negativity). Additionally, it helps to neutralize the negative vibrations that do manage to make their way to our aura.
Psychic Defense Technique Two – Blue Bubble or Blue Shield
Not as well known as the white light technique, the Bubble and Shield technique uses the idea that we can surround ourselves mentally with either a bubble or a shield that will reflect and absorb negativity so that we don’t have to feel the full effects of it. The color blue, associated with the throat chakra, represents will power and when combined with the visualization of the bubble or shield strengthens it.
We can layer the bubble or shield with the white light, so both can be in effect at one time. In truth, in dire situations, all of these methods can be layered to provide additional levels of protection to the psyche and auric energy field.
If you are one of those people that hates being around large crowds because you are so sensitive to energy, this is an important technique which can in essence give your social freedom back to you. Go out to a mall or shopping area where a lot of people are and enter and take note of what it feels like. Exit or excuse yourself to the restroom. Put the blue bubble or shield around yourself before going back. See if you notice a difference.
Going with the idea, one could put a bubble around the person that is being negative too, thereby creating a form of operant conditioning around the individual. When they choose to throw negative energy or use negative emotions to their advantage, this energy can’t escape the bubble and thus they feel the full effects of it. I.E., a person learns that they have to be nice when around you or they get zapped by their own negative energy.
Psychic Defense Technique Three – Physical Body Positions
Crossing your arms and legs can also be very protective. These body positions act to close off the human energy circuits and also protect various chakra (energy) points – depending on where the arms are crossed. The next time you are around someone that seems to be pulling at your energy or spewing a bunch of negativity, sit down calmly, cross your arms and legs, and listen. Their energy won’t be affecting you and eventually they’ll get tired or drained (as they aren’t getting any of your energy and they are using up their own supply) and then just leave you alone for the rest of the day.
Psychic Defense Technique Four – Mirrors
Visualizing mirrors surrounding the self has been used almost as long as the white light and blue energy. The idea here is that your visualization should have the mirrors facing outwards so that energy is reflected away from you. Like the bubble, you can put them around someone else to act as a form of operant conditioning, but this time the mirror’s reflective surface should face inward toward the person you are putting them around.
Psychic Defense Technique Five – Salt
We are speaking of a pure salt here, such as Kosher Salt or Sea Salt. These pure salts absorb negative energy and will ground or take it away from you if you have picked up any. There are many ways to use this technique.
a) Put some salt into a small glass and leave the glass on your work desk or in the room where people are most often found. This will absorb negative vibes. Make sure to flush it and change it out every month or after every fight/argument.
b) Add a sprinkle to some bath water and soak in it. This will pull negativity off and away from you as you soak. Add a touch of baking soda also to revitalize or help regain the lost energy.
c) Dilute some salt into a spray bottle of spring or mineral water. Spray a mist in the air of any room which has been overloaded with negativity or in which recent fights/arguments have occurred. This has the effect of making the environment feel light, pure, and airy again. Many combine this with the burning of sage (often called smudging) to cleanse and clear areas.
Psychic Defense Technique Six – Protection Symbols
Protection symbols come in many forms. It’s the belief in the symbol that will be the most important. However, the symbol itself can act to strengthen the subconscious mind and as a result be an added measure of defense and protection.
Holy symbols tend to be the most popular symbols of protection (cross/crucifix for Catholics/Christians, pentagram for Pagans, cow, Buddha, the list literally could go on) however any symbol can be used as a symbol of protection as long as it is meaningful to you. Thus, don’t make fun of someone who talks about their lucky whatever. It may truly be an important symbol for them and because of their belief and what that symbol invokes; it very well may truly be “lucky” and helpful for them.
Psychic Defense Technique Seven – Prayer and Affirmations
Prayer and affirmations have long been used to build positive energy, amplify other protections, and add layers of defense to the human energy system. In the case of prayer, any prayer which is said immediately following the use of one of these methods will act to strengthen it. In the case of affirmations, affirmations such as “I allow only love around me,” “People adore me,” and “My vibration is stronger and faster each day” can improve your energy and defense techniques. When writing an affirmation, always remember to put it in the present, write it from the first person perspective, and do not include negatives (not, don’t, won’t, can’t, etc) in it.
Likewise, invoking or asking angels for help also falls here. A common conception of the angelic realm is that angels can’t intervene or help humans unless a human has asked and given them permission to do so. The exception being if a person’s life is in danger, then many times that rule can be broken. The point is, always be willing to ask for extra help if you need it. Your angels, guides, and the powers to be will always respond and help out.
There are of course many other techniques. These are only scratching the surface. Please feel free to share your own. Also, be willing to check out the resources of Dion Fortune, Ted Andrews, Christopher Penczak and the many others who have chosen to write about psychic self defense and protection.

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