Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer In India

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Specialityvalve is a leading Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India, which are producers, exporters, and suppliers.

Specialityvalve is a leading Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India, which are producers, exporters, and suppliers. A disc that rotates on a diametric axis inside a pipe acts as the control surface for a pneumatically operated butterfly valve, which regulates the flow of gas or liquid.

Types of Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve:

Wafer-style Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve The most well-known manufacturer of pneumatically operated butterfly valves in India is Specialityvalve. Quarter-turn rotating Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly valves are used to stop, control, or start flow. The handling of huge volumes of fluids or gases at low pressures, as well as slurries or fluids containing significant amounts of suspended solids, is particularly well suited for pneumatically actuated butterfly valves. A mechanism that converts energy in the form of compressed gas into mechanical motion is a pneumatically controlled butterfly valve. Pneumatic Butterfly actuators convert energy into rotational or linear motion using pressurised air or gas. They are very effective, economical, and safe forms of motion control.

In addition to various industrial applications where the use of electricity could present a fire or ignition threat, they are particularly ideally suited to the continuous opening and closing of valves. Such valves can be used to divide and guide streams. The entire construction resembles a big circle. An example of a valve used to isolate or regulate fluid flow is a butterfly valve.

These are just a few applications for this kind of valve: air, vacuum equipment, cooling water, fuels, and fire safety. To let fluid to pass, a butterfly-shaped metal disc rotates a quarter turn. The slow opening will diminish the flow, and the turning of the disc will shut off the flow

They work particularly effectively in industrial situations where the use of electricity could present a fire or ignition hazard, such as the continual opening and closing of valves.

Types of Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve:

Wafer-style butterfly Valve.
Lug-style butterfly Valve.

• Easy to open and close valves;

• Low cost;

• High efficiency;

• Isolate or regulate the flow of liquids


Chemical Industry.
Petroleum Industry.
Pharmaceutical Industry.
Mining Industry.
Food Industry.

Body material: Cast iron, Ductile iron, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Duplex steel.
Class: 125-4500.
Size: 1”-80”.
Connection type: Buttweld, flanged, Lug type, Wafer type.
Disc: CF8M, SS316L, CF8, Cast iron, Carbon steel, Ductile iron.

With a skilled technical and support personnel, Specialityvalve is a top manufacturer Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer In India

SpecialityValve is a well-known and reputable provider of Butterfly valve Manufacturer in India, our customers don't need to worry about the quality of the products they purchase from us. Our customers, who are from all over the world, receive valves from us. We offer valves that are both of the finest calibre and value. Our company's main objective is to offer products that are reliable, safe, and of excellent quality. At our state-of-the-art production plant, our valves are created using premium components.

The largest producer of various valves in India is the butterfly valve manufacturer. Butterfly is a flow control valve with a quarter-turn rotational motion that can halt, control, or start the flow. They are quick and simple to open. A 90-degree rotation assists in controlling the flow. This rotation aids in controlling or halting the flow. In India, butterfly valves are frequently installed in the gearbox where the gear handles are attached to the stem. Since the disc of a butterfly valve is always in the flow, any position of the valve results in a change in pressure. What makes it a "Butterfly Valve" Some valves are identified by their shape, while others are identified by their movement.

A butterfly valve's movement and purpose also serve as its moniker. Its name refers to the way it moves, which is like a flight's wing.

Butterfly Valve Symbol

The main diagonal line shows that it is constantly moving with the flow.

Butterfly valve components

Body: The valve's main component that fits in between the pipe flanges
Disc: It controls the fluid's flow and stopping. Flow is regulated by the movement of the disc.
Seat: An interior valve body with a leak-proof seal that holds the disc in place and completely covers it to stop leaking.
The Butterfly Valve's Purpose: The Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India has a fairly straightforward purpose. The flow and stop of the fluid are indicated by the rotation of the valve disc; if the disc is perpendicular to the valve, the flow is stopped, and if it is parallel to the valve, the flow is regulated. It has a bi-directional flow and runs entirely on discs. Actuators, gears, or handwheels are used to move the disc.


1. Zero offset Butterfly valve

2. Triple offset Butterfly valve

3. Double offset Butterfly valve

4. Metal Seated Butterfly valve

Butterfly Manufacturer in India provides this valves in various sizes as below:

1 ½” - 80”


• Chemical

• Petroleum

• Pharmaceutical

• Mining

• Food


Low pressure drop and high pressure recovery, big sizes, and light weight and compactness
It is a small device that may fit anywhere;
It has low maintenance requirements and acts quickly.


• Low pressure difference is the only pressure range when throttling service is available; Moving discs


Include cooling gas, air gas, and fire protection, as well as slurry and related services, vacuum services, high pressure, high temperature water and steam, and vacuum services.


Body Material: Cast iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F51, F3, F55, F91 ] , WCB, WC6, SS304, SS316, DUPLEX STEEL

Size – 2” – 48”

Class: 150 to 300; PN 6 – PN 25

Ends: Wafer, flanged, lug

Operations: Lever actuated butterfly valve, gear actuated butterfly valve, pneumatic actuated butterfly valve and electric actuated butterfly valve
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