How Can A Brand Decide Whether It Needs VPS Hosting?

Posted April 30, 2020 by HostSailor

A web development company, an ecommerce store, or a web forum might need VPS web hosting service, particularly if shared web hosting cannot support its operations.

A web development company, an ecommerce store, or a web forum might need VPS web hosting service, particularly if shared web hosting cannot support its operations. You should think about choosing it when you want dedicated server resources, full root access to the server, and better site security. Here are some amazing advantages to choosing this service.
Better Performance and Speed
The ‘bad neighbor effect’ happens often on a shared web hosting environment. In it, you would share server resources with other website owners. When a website on the shared server has an increase in incoming traffic, it draws away many of the resources, thereby affecting the other sites. This is to say, because of this, every other site on that server will also not be accessible for the time being.
This issue does not happen in a VPS website hosting environment, and for a good reason. The reason is that in it, all websites are on the same physical server, but the virtual machines are partitioned to be isolated from each other. This means no matter how many resources one website uses, it will not affect the other sites on the physical server. This way, VPS hosting offers a speedier performance and website accessibility.
Memory Space
When a website is hosted on a shared server, it shares every resource of the machine with other sites. A server not having sufficient memory will possibly have an adverse effect on the performance of the websites it hosts. People who visit the affected site will begin to see a ‘503 Service Unavailable error’, which means the server that hosts it is down. This will result in a loss of business opportunities for that website’s owner. So, when you start seeing a spike in website traffic, you have to think about switching to a virtual private server.
Having a website hosted with others that encounter security threats might have a negative impact on the shared server, and thereby, every site on it. Then, they all would need to turn to their web hosting provider to have the issues solved, and this might take time. This underlines the significance of VPS web hosting.
It allows a website owner to utilize the security measures and features of them alongside those of the web host. The utilization of firewall and firewall blacklists enables preventing unauthorized website access, and filtering traffic to the site. Besides, there are other features that enable them to conceal sensitive details and disable unwanted modules that would aid in making the online security tighter.
A VPS web hosting package is more affordable than dedicated server hosting. This is the case even when you choose it from top a web host such as HostSailor. By subscribing this hosting package, you will possibly not have to bother about backing up or updating as these tasks are usually automated.
If internal emails should be delivered between workers, VPS web hosting would be your company’s best bet. By choosing it, there would not be any POP and IMAP restriction that puts a cap on the electronic mails transferable per hour. Emailing from your VPS account would be easier in the event there is a big database with email IDs.
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