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Vinorelbine (NVB), also available under the brand name Navelbine amid the remaining ones, is classified as a Chemotherapy medication that is used in the treatment of different types of cancer.

About Vinorelbine Tartrate
Vinorelbine (NVB), also available under the brand name Navelbine amid the remaining ones, is classified as a Chemotherapy medication that is used in the treatment of different types of cancer. Cancer of the Breast and Non-small cell Lung Cancer are also included in such kinds of cancer. This drug is administered either into the vein (intravenously) by an injection or by mouth (orally).
Vinorelbine Tartrate used for
Vinorelbine is advised to be used solo or along with a few other drugs for treating clinical complications like Non-small cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) that has extended and affected the close-by tissues or other parts of the body.
Vinorelbine Tartrate Recommended Dosage
In Combination With Cisplatin 100 mg/m2
The advised drug dosage of NAVELBINE is 25 mg/m2 to be given as an intravenous (into the vein) vaccine or infusion over 6 to ten minutes on 1st , 8th , 15th and 22nd days of a 28-day cycle along with Cisplatin drug 100 mg/m2 on 1st day only of each 28-day cycle.
In Combination With Cisplatin 120 mg/m2
The advised dosage of NAVELBINE is 30 mg/m2 to be provided as an intravenous injection or infusion over the period of six to 10 minutes one time in 7 days along with Cisplatin 120 mg/m2 on 1st and 29th days, then in every one and a half months.
Vinorelbine Tartrate Uses
• This drug is not available in any kind of pellets form and only advised to be administered through a vein by intravenous injection (IV push) or infusion (IV).

• The quantity of Vinorelbine you will get will depend on several factors like- your weight and height, overall health and health related issues, and the kind of cancer being treated. The best person to advise the correct dose and drug schedule is your treating health care expert.

Vinorelbine Tartrate Side Effects
Below mentioned are some of the side effects of this medicine-
• Sickness
• Vomiting
• Tiredness
• Difficulty in passing Stool
• Frequently passing of Watery Stool
• Lightheadedness
• Pain in the Muscles
• Pain in the Joint
• Irritation at the site where the injection was administered
If any of the above-mentioned side effects does not get cured or get worse then it is recommended to immediately contact your treating health care professional. Please note that you may experience temporary Loss of hair while under the treatment with this medicine. The usual growth of hair must come back once you are finished with the course of treatment.

Vinorelbine Tartrate Precautions & Warning
• Before initiating with the treatment with Vinorelbine, it is important that you inform your treating doctor, as well as all the other healthcare givers, regarding any other medicines you are taking (over-the-counter, vitamins, or herbal remedies). Unless advised by your treating health care professional never consume drug like aspirin or products that contain aspirin.
• Make sure to tell your treating health care professional if you are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant before starting this treatment. Pregnancy category D (Vinorelbine may be perilous to the fetus. Females who are pregnant or get pregnant must be informed the possible risk to the fetus).
• For both males and females: Do not plan for conceiving a child (get pregnant) while under the medication of Vinorelbine. Barrier ways of contraception, like condoms, are advised. Talk with your treating health care professional when you may securely get pregnant or conceive a child after the completion of the therapy.
• Breastfeeding should be avoided while under the medication with Vinorelbine Tartrate.

Generic & Brand name of Vinorelbine Tartrate
Navelbine is the trade / Brand name for the medicine name Vinorelbine. Vinorelbine Tartrate is another name / Generic for Navelbine. In certain situations, your treating healthcare provider may prescribe the trade name Navelbine or other names Vinorelbine Tartrate while mentioning to the generic drug name Vinorelbine.
Lowest Price of Vinorelbine Tartrate
The guaranteed cheapest cost of the brand NAVELBINE / Generic Vinorelbine Tartrate of strength 10 mg is$58.58 & for strength 50mg / 5ML is $246.87 / $345.64 for a single Injection.

Price Calculated Source: https://www.genuinedrugs123.com/380-Anti-Cancer-Drugs-Generic-Vinorelbine-Tartrate-Brand-Navelbine.aspx

What are the ways of choosing a secured online medical store for purchasing Vinorelbine Tartrate Online?
Look for the below mentioned points on the website of online medical store –
• Need a genuine prescription.
• Give a physical address.
• Have lots of good reviews.
• Have qualified pharmacist for answering your queries.
• Price should not be too low to raise a doubt in your mind for the genuinely.
• Online store’s representatives must be very polite and able to understand the disease or prescription written by some Doctor as per the patient.
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