Hardwood Floors or Cork Underlayment?

Posted April 13, 2014 by gailblack

When talking about the best option for your home, you can not take a decision without knowing all the facts. For instance, when it comes to floors, you can choose.

When talking about the best option for your home, you can not take a decision without knowing all the facts. For instance, when it comes to floors, you can choose between hardwood floors or floors that are made of cork. The cork underlayment has numerous uses and is a fantastic solution to all sort of issues. One of the most essential things that you should know about cork is that no cork tile looks the same. So, you will have no two tiles that have the exact same design. This means that your floors will look fantastic and original. You can say that no one has floors exactly like yours. This will most certainly make you feel unique. So, what should you choose for your floors? Should you opt for hardwood or cork?

If you were to use hardwood floors, the only advantage that you wood benefit from is the fact that your home will look really good. However, the disadvantages of this option are numerous. First of all, if the floor is cricked, then the hardwood floor will not end up in the right place, fact that will most certainly ruin the appearance of the room. The type of feeling that you are going to experience while stepping on such a floor is extremely uncomfortable. Besides the fact that it is really hard, it does not really help with aching joints and your feet will feel cold. The costs of such an investment are pretty high, considering that you are looking for a durable option. There is also the risk of having to deal with moisture, pests and bacteria that has infiltrated into the floor.

A cork tile will most certainly offer you much more than a hardwood floor. Besides its fantastic look, you will not have to deal with a hard, uncomfortable floor. The cork creates a cushioning effect, fact that will not only make stepping on it extremely pleasant, but it will also protect you and others from serious injuries if you fall. Due to its natural properties, cork repels bacteria and pests and does not allow any water to infiltrate into the floor. This is actually one of the most cost effective options regarding durable floors. Even though furniture and heels might change the appearance of the floor, cork has the ability to return to its original state. When it comes to cork underlayment, you can use it for better control of temperature.

Because of its insulating properties, cork underlayment allows you to save tons of money on heating. Moreover, when it comes to repairs, a cork tile does not require you to invest too much money or time in the process. If you really want to make the right decision for your own comfort and wallet, then opt for a cork floor.
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