Fountain Mountain Providing Top-of-the-Line Kasco Aerator Fountains for Ponds

Posted May 4, 2019 by fountainmountain

Fountain Mountain is offering top-quality aerator fountains from the renowned brand Kasco, which maintain a fine balance between pond beauty and the required aeration.

Fountain Mountain specializes in providing Kasco and FountainTech floating pond fountains. The retailer also sells fountain pumps for the tabletop to large fountains, ponds, or waterfalls (35-14,000 gallons per hour). Additionally, Fountain Mountain sells pond lights, solar pumps, synchronous and asynchronous fountain pumps, and inline and submersible pumps. The retailer offers a variety of indoor and outdoor fountains from Kasco. These include decorative pond fountains and aerators. While the decorative pond fountains focus on pond beauty, the aerators work exclusively on pond health and not on decoration.

The spokesperson of Fountain Mountain, while speaking at an industry meeting, asserted, “Along with our range of decorative fountains and aerators, we sell Kasco aerating fountains. These fountains are great for our customers that require a balance between pond beauty and pond aeration. Pond aeration is needed for fish health. If fish do not get enough oxygen, they will die. However, even if there are no fish, the pond creates stratified layers when there is no aeration. Then, the bottom layer is depleted of oxygen.”

When there is no aeration, ponds can become shallower over time from a buildup of muck from the lack of oxygen. Plant materials need oxygen to steadily decompose, and if new plant life grows at a rate faster than the old plants decompose due to the lack of oxygen, it can be bad for the pond. Muck will accumulate at the bottom of the pond, and gas bubbles will arise from the muck. Aerator fountains can prevent this by providing pond aeration. Additionally, these fountains combine aesthetic pleasure with utility.

The spokesperson also informed, “We have aerator fountains that are energy efficient, available in up to 5hp. These fountains for ponds offer the classic V pattern. For customers who are majorly concerned about aeration, we also have pond aerators with no fountain display. Our Kasco aerating fountains deliver more pond aeration in comparison to decorative fountains, and we provide free shipping to our customers. While we sell to homeowners the most, we also work with HOAs and on municipal projects on 30-day terms.”

Along with the best pond fountain aerator , Fountain Mountain provides energy-efficient fountain pumps. The retailer offers high-quality F-tech pumps used by major fountain manufacturers. There are many fountain tubing adapters included for a variety of tubing sizes. With F-tech pumps, the users get the most pond or fountain push for lowest energy consumption. Additionally, Fountain Mountain supplies impellers for pumps. Customers can also get pond treatments, such as Kasco’s Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria, which is the perfect choice to control and eliminate sludge and foul odors in tanks, ponds, and lakes.

About Fountain Mountain:

Fountain Mountain was established as an online business in the year 1999, followed by its incorporation and a major move to a warehouse location in the year 2003. The home of Fountain Mountain is in Santa Maria on the central coast of California. The retailer offers a variety of indoor and outdoor fountains, pumps with switches, and pumps with long cords. Fountain Mountain considers Kasco Marine as a state-of-the-art floating fountain and aerator manufacturer. The retailer focuses on that brand, as their engineers understand both quality and energy efficiency while coming up with the best Kasco fountains .
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