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Fountain9 is a platform that helps businesses reduce wastage and maintain high availability by predicting their future inventory requirements.

8th April 2022, Gurugram: ( Stock replenishment is restocking warehouse racks after producers or suppliers have received the products. Furthermore, it can relate to transferring items from storage racks to picking racks.

The inventory planning and replenishment allow stocks to be organized. The best method is to find a balance between the priorities set by the service and the restrictions businesses face in the warehouse (especially space)

Why inventory planning and replenishment is the need of the hour? In the modern business world, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and multinational companies no longer operate in watertight compartments. In the tight competition between multinational companies and SMBs, the chances of winning lie with the competitor who possesses the right resources, intelligent insights, and better management skills.

Replenishment inventory planning and management are one of the many crucial areas of business, and to play the field right, businesses need an inventory management system that goes beyond fundamental reordering and stock monitoring to include everything from business management and end-to-end production to demand forecasting and lead time to analytics, reports and more. Inventory planning involves creating the right balance between demand and supply with the right amount of stock at the right place, at the right time.

Why is warehouse inventory management necessary?

If your business involves storing products in a warehouse, you must know everything that happens to every stored product. Warehouse inventory management is necessary for tracking the products your business keeps on hand so that you can maintain optimal conditions and quickly fulfill customer orders.

It's essential to understand how to develop a warehouse management plan and select inventory planning and replenishment software that can help you track, assess and take necessary actions when required. This allows you to stay updated regarding your stock, prevent occurrences of loss and theft, and keep customers happy by fulfilling their requirements.

A smart assistant for more promising warehouse inventory management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to take the supply chain world by storm after making achievements in so many other industries. AI solves most inventory management, warehousing, and other supply chain challenges.

Inventory planning and replenishment problems like managing a massive amount of inventory data, tracking every item in the inventory, real-time collection, and processing of data, maintaining cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain, and keeping track of IT assets across the system can be resolved using a careful implementation of an AI-based inventory management system.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to optimize inventories.

Nowadays, inventory management is no longer just storing and delivering products. Digital transformation and eCommerce businesses have drastically changed consumer behavior, and businesses involved with old, legacy technologies lack the necessary capacity to handle such changes. Businesses that use real-time perpetual inventory planning and replenishment software that can dynamically communicate with online and in-store transaction processing systems will emerge as the winner in a world driven by customers.

A scalable business relies heavily on the kind of systems you have implemented. Companies that rely on manual entry of inventory products in spreadsheets cannot accurately measure the product they have on hand. So, what's the solution? It's pretty straightforward; your data requires harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and data science. This will help you independently transform your demand forecasting and inventory so that understocking and overstocking instances can be avoided.

Thanks to AI-powered inventory planning and replenishment software, businesses can quickly transform their unstructured data into actionable insights that can help them evolve or respond well to a particular situation. In addition, AI can also help them provide inventory management solutions by analyzing factors like weather conditions, economy, events, product trends, and much more. Such software can also turn your error-prone assumptions into a definite result while reducing the workload of your employees.

Every intelligent business needs an intelligent warehouse.

It would be very convenient for any business if they receive communications regarding delays in delivery or information about trends in advance to make quick decisions. An AI-powered replenishment inventory planning software allows companies to do just that.

A smart warehouse allows businesses to leverage Machine Learning algorithms to learn from historical data and make practical decisions regarding the warehouse. With the help of actionable data, the system allows businesses to notice patterns and suggest actions to replenish nearly out-of-stock items quickly and meet demands faster.

AI in inventory planning and replenishment offers several benefits:

● AI can quickly provide insights that were previously unavailable.
● One of the significant problems with legacy inventory management systems is that they use legacy demand forecasting algorithms that lack channel-specificity and thus, fail to understand online shopping demand patterns.
● Legacy system's predictions of in-store shopping bias are less accurate for digital channels, which can easily result in delivery failures.
● Artificial intelligence-based, real-time, autonomous, and channel-specific warehouse inventory planning and replenishment software can help businesses understand in-store and online demand signals. They develop accurate forecasts by item, store, data, and time.

About the Company: ( Fountain9 is among the top demand forecasting solutions providers that help food businesses and retailers reduce wastage and maintain high availability by predicting future inventory requirements.
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