Discuss the Stages of a Slip and Fall Case at a Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale

Posted November 29, 2016 by floridainjury01

When you’re involved in a slip and fall, you may be able to work out the details on your own. Many victims in Fort Lauderdale want a law firm on their side, though.

They want a professional who can protect their interests. A slip and fall can be a complicated process.

You might need to consider both immediate and long-term medical costs. Some victims even have to think about permanent disabilities and lost wages. The first step to opening your slip and fall case is contacting lawyers near you. You may be entitled to compensation, but you have to pursue it.

Set Expectations with Slip and Fall Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale
Your initial consultation with slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale is free. Attorneys take this opportunity to talk to you about your case. You should come prepared with as much information as possible. This way, lawyers can give you a more accurate assessment of your chances of winning. They can also set preliminary expectations about how much you can expect to win.

If you decide to move forward, slip and fall attorneys can explore more details. They can request medical records, look for videos, and contact witnesses. This is the time when attorneys dig deep to find all the evidence to back your claim. We also explore the details that might undermine your case.

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Set Contingency Fees
When you find a slip and fall law firm in Fort Lauderdale willing to take your case, they’ll set up contingency fees with you. Some lawyers charge by the hour, but that’s typically a bad sign. For victims, it requires you to put money down up front. After an accident, money is often tight. It also means you’ll have to pay regardless of whether you win or lose. More importantly, though, you don’t have a strong case.

When you pay on contingency, you don’t have to worry about any fees up front. Lawyers will do all the work and get your case started. Then we follow through until the end. Lawyers in these situations only get paid if and when you get a settlement or the courts award you money. This type of payment system can be applied to auto accidents, medical malpractice, and more. How much do you pay?

The fee depends partly on the state. Lawyers adhere to different regulations in some states than others. You’ll pay a percentage of your winnings to your attorney, though. You should always talk about contingency fees before you get started. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Can Draft Your Claim
Once you’re ready, slip and fall lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can draft your claim. Lawyers take all the information including any we dig up and compile it into court documents. We’ll include evidence of fault and the financial information that tells us how much you’ve spent because of the injury. It also lets us estimate how much you’ll spend or lose because of the injury.

Once the paperwork has been filed, slip and fall attorneys can start the discovery process. This can be lengthy depending on the case, and it gives both sides a chance to explore their options. Your lawyers need to be thorough. You don’t want the other side turning up evidence that can damage your case only after you’ve already invested more time and money.

Get through Your Deposition with Slip and Fall Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale
When you come to a slip and fall law firm in Fort Lauderdale, we’ll handle the discovery and more. Insurance companies and others can offer a settlement at any time. We can also take your case through the deposition process, though. You’ll answer a series of questions by the law firm representing the other side. They can ask you about both the incident and your medical history before and after the accident. Through this process, slip and fall attorneys build the strongest case with more evidence. To schedule your initial consultation with experienced slip and fall lawyers today, click here.
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