How to better avoid the outside interference for the normally operation of the needle detector?

Posted April 21, 2014 by farooq

How to better avoid the outside interference for the normally operation of the needle detector?

China - As the needle detector is one kind of extremely sophisticated detection equipment, sometimes, the external noise can cause false alarms of the needle detector machine. The so called external noise means the EMI probe into the work area from the outside or the directly metal interference. Today, the engineer from famous Chine needle detector machine suppliers Hengxin Machinery will tell each client the classification of these external interferences and how to deal with these external influences.

Generally speaking, the outside interference situations usually have the following categories. The first category should be the electromagnetic generating equipments in the workshop such as large electromagnetic clutch motor, large transformers, large fans, power lines, welding machines, mobile communication devices and others. The other sort of source for these external influences should be the equipments near the Needle machine such as sewing machines, cutting machines, decontamination spray gun, ironing sets, elevators, hand carts and others.

Furthermore, the metal items which carried by the workshop employee such as mobile phones, watches, keys, metal racks and others could also cause into great influence to the normally operation of this machine. If operator wants to let the fodd metal detectors uk get normally operation, they must shut down the devices which will generate electromagnetic interference near the needle machine. In particular, the power of the large fan must be turned off the power.

However, there are also many other problem for each client which is how to determine and confirm the clear location of the outside interference. The engineer from Hengxin Machinery also concluded some methods to confirm the outside interferences.

First, operator need to turn on the switch of the Needle detector while the conveyor belt does need to be started. Under such circumstances, if the probe light of the needle machine is flashing in red color, people can judge and conclude the conclusion that there must have the outside interference.

Secondly, the operator need to shut down the power of all equipments in the work shop( the most suitable time for this method should be usually in the evening when the factory rest or equipment maintenance). Then, people could only open the power of the needle detector and then people could gradually turn on other devices and equipments in the workshop one by one. Please carefully see probe light of the needle detector to identify which equipment impact the operation of needle machine.

The engineer from Hengxin Machinery hopes each of their clients could pay more attention to the prevention of the outside interference. For more information, please check their official website by the following information.

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