“A New Science - From Light to Eternity,”: The Book That Will Blow Your mind Out!

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The author has a long stint in computer industry. The book contains a generalist’s presentation of propositions and observations with plausible explanations.

The book “A New Science - From Light to Eternity,” has been released on “Kindle” in its entirety for the readers all over the world.

The book provides a rare in-depth look at some of the well known concepts and challenges scientific orthodoxy besides throwing light on the nature of the human soul.

Written by Mukesh Prasad, the book delves in the concepts of Physics including the dual nature of light, theory of relativity, nature of time and its relevance to the human soul, eternal life, reincarnation etc. The book offers a great deal of information arguing interpretations of mainstream theories in such a lucid way that it is easily understandable to the common man.

The author starts arguments as, “While I say that I could be wrong, I invite you to be open to the idea that I could also be right”; and give illustrative example to prove that, “Light is a wave like disturbance occurring in electromagnetic field strengths”. Since electromagnetic fields can have both positive and negative values, light uses the electromagnetic field as a medium for travelling from one point to the other.

In this book the author seeks answers to many scientific questions through Usenet and other discussion forums when the internet was in its infancy. His theories have developed and most rigorously peer reviewed by experts in the field.

Questioning the correctness of the theory of relativity the author says, “I tried to understand the thinking that produced special relativity and general relativity” ; and explains the effect of frame of reference with a beautiful example of twin brothers travelling at the speed of light before concluding that relativity does not explain gravity beyond adding the curvature of gravitation.

The book also dwells on the predictability of a group comprising unpredictable individual component and hints how quantum physics has found the nature of free will and is related with consciousness.

There is an entire chapter devoted on the nature of time proving its discrete nature with mind blowing explanation of the traditional rabbit-tortoise racing. He relates his findings with the observations made by the ancient Indian sage ‘Patangali’ in his famous treatise on Yoga and further reconciles certain religious views with modern science.

The author explains all about the human soul, afterlife, reincarnation and eternal life and views that human life is a culmination of the sequence of the moments and the soul is never contained in a person, rather the person is engulfed by the soul.
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