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Block Harmful Sounds That Cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Successful shooting sports rely on one’s ability to hear the true sound without distraction. Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP) delivers natural sound over a wide frequency range that is customized to fit the ear with sealed design products to protect hearing from potentially damaging gunshots.

The sound digital earplugs reproduce and amplify up to 20 dB in high fidelity and enhance hearing capability. Advanced hearing protection earplugs guarantee improved hearing and block out loud prolonged noise such as gunshots and acoustic sounds from the various shooting sports activities.

ESP’s earplugs offer low intensity sounds barely audible to the shooter's naked ear and is increased with the ability to adjust the earplug volume as needed. If a shooter has a hearing disability an earplug pre-adjustment can be provided to suit the individual’s needs.

Sports shooting and hunting with protective earplugs automatically block out harmful and hazardous sounds that can cause hearing damage. The earplugs are designed for increased hearing of low-intensity sounds such as wildlife, birds, the rustling of the wind and to block out intense loud sounds. The earplug has an amplification mode that enhances auditory awareness while its hearing mode allows the user to hear everything within the environment.

“Our electronic earplugs have a noise reduction feature to control the sound that will help the shooter suppress the risk of gunshot noise. This provides a tactical advantage in the shooting sports range where every digital earplug is customized to suit the user,” said Ryan David, Manager, of Electronic Shooters Protection.

The earplug protection is the ideal choice for those who want to protect their hearing without giving up the convenience of shooting sports and enjoying the freedom of the moment. The protection ability only comes into effect when there is a sudden change in noise, which brings the need for a customized earplug device to control or block noises.

The electronic earplugs are a winning choice for target shooting and firearm sports. They are 100% waterproof having water-repellent components and nanotechnology ensuring protection against moisture, water, sweat, and corrosion.

These protective earplugs are great for target sports used by professionals that engage in shooting sports. Aside from their protection ability, customized earplugs provide comfort and allow the shooter to concentrate as they take part in sporting events.

ESP’s customized earplugs enable the sports shooter to get the protection they need as they move from one area to another without physically adjusting, removing, or fiddling with the earplug. The digital earplugs enable the shooter to listen to sounds providing automatic sound protection from unforeseen or unexpected impact noises.

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Electronic Shooters Protectors (ESP) specializes in custom-made earplugs for hearing protection. They believe proper in-ear hearing protection can save a lifetime of hearing problems or complete hearing loss for a lifetime. They deliver natural sounds across a wide frequency range while the custom fit earplug with its sealed design protects one’s hearing from damaging gunshot sounds. Customized earplugs designed for shooters, hunters, and for workplace employees who move between noisy and quiet environments. They provide customized earplug devices to not only protect hearing but to enhance the shooters' ability to hear true sounds of a successful day of shooting. Find out more by visiting our website
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