How to Choose a Course to Study in the University Part - I

Posted June 27, 2018 by epinmall02

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Going to the university and not sure of what course to study in the university?
It is everyone’s dream but choosing a course can be quite difficult to make.

For some people, it is clear what they want to do with their lives and for others, it takes a while for them to find out what it is they want to do or should do.

And many times, the course you take in the university will determine the career path you will end up following.

That is why it is necessary to make the best decision when choosing the course the course to study in the university. If you are still at a loss what path to follow, then this article has got you covered.

What to Study in University Quiz

There are certain questions (quiz) that you can take that will give you an idea of the kind of course you should do. Career experts usually advise that to choose a career path, one important aspect people need to consider their passion, hobbies as well as talents (what they find easy to do). These questions are simply to point out your passion, hobbies, talents and personality to help you make your decision.

• Are you male or female?
• How do you gain energy?
• By thinking out loud or keeping my thoughts to myself
• Working with others or working alone
• Standing out or blending in
• Acting quickly or take more time with my decision
• Good talker or good listener
• How do you process information?
• Facts or possibilities
• Step by step or anywhere works for me
• Apply what I have learned or want to learn new things
• Focus on details or focus on patterns
• More concerned about what works or more concerned how to make it different.
• How do you make decisions?
• Go with my heart or go with my head
• Is the decision right or will the decision affect others?
• Give and take criticism or avoid giving and taking criticism
• Tell it as it is or take time not to hurt people
• Task-oriented or people-oriented
• Attitude to life
• Plan or wonder about the outcome
• Write lists or avoid writing lists
• Prefer things tidy or do not about untidiness
• Prefer starting a task or prefer finishing a task
• Prefer to work steadily or get things done at the last minute

List of Faculties in Nigerian University
The faculties in the university are simply divisions in a university consisting of the related or similar department. These departments are courses of study and are usually housed together in a building or blocks of the building. The building is thus, usually named after the faculty. There are many faculties in a university but they differ from university to university. However, there are certain ones that are common to most schools

Faculty of Arts: The Faculty of Arts usually comprises of natural arts, creative arts, languages, and humanities studies

Faculty of Agricultural studies: The faculty is a hub of every subject area that has to do with agriculture (animal and plant tending) including botany, agriculture, fishery, agronomy, agricultural economy among others.

Faculty of Education: The faculty for those who desire to go into the education sector. Students in this faculty are usually taken normal education courses and allowed to pick specializations as well.
Faculty of Engineering: As the name implies, it is a faculty of the engineers in all their different classifications; mechanical, civil, electrical, petroleum, computer and so on.
Information Technology: This is the faculty for every subject area that has to deal with information technology

Faculty of Law: Faculty is self-explanatory as well. It is usually has a single law department and sometimes, divided into the different branches of law.

Faculty of Management Studies: Also called Business Administration by some schools. It consists of subject areas like business administration, actuarial science, accounting and so on.

Faculty of Medical Sciences: This is the faculty for all the branches of medicine including dentistry, gynaecology, psychiatry, physiology, ophthalmology and many others. Some schools have faculty of pharmacy and veterinary separate from the faculty of medical sciences.

Faculty of Natural Sciences: Natural sciences usually consist of the popular sciences like chemistry, biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physics and the rest.

Faculty of Social Sciences: Science courses that are not totally science but also not totally arts and humanity are usually under social science. Courses like economics, psychology, and sociology, political science, mass communication among others.

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