The Guide to Choosing the Right Probiotic for You

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People start facing health issues, illnesses and lots and lots of medicines are consumed after that, which leads to further deterioration.

Every person is taught that a human body is made up of cells, these cells multiply and that explains how you grow. Also, this is very common knowledge that when cells start to die in very large numbers inside your body, it means your health is on the negative side. People start facing health issues, illnesses and lots and lots of medicines are consumed after that, which lead to further deterioration.
But! Why do these cells suddenly start to die and in not normal quantities? You would be surprised to know that cells are not the only building blocks of your body but they go hand in hand with bacteria to form who you are. In fact, 90 of your body cells are made up of bacteria.
‘Good bacteria’ is a concept which is very common nowadays, but what is it? It is that bacteria that keeps a balanced cell multiplication and death ratio and hence keeps you healthy by keeping your organs, bodily functions and overall functioning smooth and disorder-free. Processed foods, Stress, intake of large amounts of antibiotics and ageing can be some of the reasons why the ‘good bacteria’ start to malfunction. Probiotics is the solution to this issue and choosing the right probiotic can go a long way in your journey to a fit body and mind.
Let's delve more into this topic by understanding the criteria to choosing the right Enterogermina probiotics for you.

Strains Choice
There are multiple probiotics available over the counter in your local pharmacy or stores. Will you simply just pick up one and start using it? That would be a big mistake as choosing probiotics needs to be a knowledgeable decision. Understanding if your body requires a single strain probiotic or multi-strain one is vital and this can be done by speaking or a health care expert.
If your expert says you would need a multi-strain probiotic, choosing between non-competitive 7-8 strain bacteria probiotic is the ideal composition to go for. Two most important bacteria whose 7-8 strains mixed in an ideal combination should be your choice, they are:
• Lactobacillus - Present in the large intestine
• Bifidobacterium – Present in the small intestine
There are a number of other strains which are very effective as well and combinations of those in the right equations will make your probiotic the most suited one.
Size of the CFU dosage is Crucial
Probiotics are readily available in the market; however, each product comes with a unique CFU or ‘colony forming unit’ number. This number indicates the number of live bacteria present in one sample of the product. Ideally the CFU number on the probiotic you buy should be between 6-10 billion CFU of bacteria each day. This will ensure a healthy quality of the ‘good bacteria’ in your body and keep your digestion and other bodily functions normal.
Choosing probiotics should be not just a task you do, make it a learned decision.
Ingredients and Live Bacteria make the product
Would you enter a vegetable store and choose veggies which are stale and going bad? Or simply would you choose body care products which are full of harmful chemicals? You would not and so on the same lines choosing the right probiotic should be a wise decision as well.
Check for the ingredients the product is made off. The quality of the ingredients needs to be top-notch and only then would it be safe to consume on a daily basis. A probiotic should not have fillers and additives which make it less effective.
A very important aspect of probiotics is the presence of live bacteria in the product that your buy. You have to make sure that the probiotic is being sold in the right refrigeration conditions and has live bacteria when you buy it. The bacteria in the product needs to be live and should stay alive till they reach the right place in your body. The product needs to be kept in such a way and formulated in such a way that the bacteria should not die when they meet the acid in your stomach.
Choosing what is right for you
A prime aspect of choosing the right probiotics for you includes finding out which strain of bacteria is needed by your body, if you have been facing some illness or disorders already. If you follow a specific diet, make sure you choose a product which best suits you. Speak to your health care expert and understand your specific requirement before choosing a Enterogermina product to use daily.

Understanding your ‘Microbiome’
The whole process of starting on probiotics and using them to ensure good health can be made easy if you understand your ‘microbiome’ first. Each individual has a unique bacteria composition in their body, which is also known as your ‘microbiome’. When a study can be conducted to understand your individual composition and the bacteria strains your body is best suited for, making a correct choice for probiotics can become easy. Your constitution, your upbringing, your surroundings and how you were brought up from childhood can play a major role in your body health and bacteria which support all this would be the ideal one to have in your probiotic.
This choice one needs to make can be dependent on many factors and it is completely a choice one needs to make wisely. The health benefits of consuming probiotics are numerous and one should read through those as well before starting on probiotics. It should not be considered just a habit one picks up by seeing it as a trend to follow. The most commonly seen benefits include:
• Improvement in gastro intestinal disorders
• Curing chronic Diarrhea and Constipation
• Urinary bladder health improvement
• Improves overall immunity of body
• Helps in weight management
• Reduce cardio health risks
• Help in mental health stability

Choose the right probiotic product by speaking to people who have already been using such products for some time and understand the effects it can have on your health.
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