E-Lins Technology Providing an Insight on the Start-Up Process of an Industrial-Grade 4G Router

Posted February 20, 2019 by elinstechnology

E-Lins Technology, a manufacturer from China shares an Insight on the start-up process of an industrial-grade 4G router.

China: Novices haven't configured any routes, so industrial routers are still a blank space for them. Before starting to learn the configuration, it is very necessary to understand the basic knowledge of the composition of industrial routers, for the future study and work to lay a good foundation.

Industrial 4G routers generally work at the network layer of the OSI reference model and constitute the boundaries of the broadcast domain. Its two main functions are as follows:

First, network interconnection: all network routers support a variety of LAN and wan interfaces, mainly used for interconnection of LAN and wan, to achieve different network communication;

Second, data processing: providing functions including packet filtering, packet forwarding, priority, reuse, encryption, compression and firewall;

Third, network management: routers provide functions including industrial router configuration management, performance management, fault-tolerant management and flow control.

Starting process of industrial-grade 4G router:
Understanding the start-up process of industrial-grade routers is helpful for network administrators to find faults and quickly troubleshoot them in the operation process of industrial-grade routers. The startup process of industrial routers in the whole network is mainly divided into the following steps:

(1) POST (power-on self-test) to detect the hardware of industrial-grade routers.

(2) Load the Bootstrap code in ROM. The Bootstrap code is similar to the BIOS in PC, and is used to start the dual-card router during initialization. The industrial 3G router reads the contents of the configuration register here to decide the following operations.

(3) Search for IOS. Generally, IOS is stored in flash memory, and Bootstrap will tell you where the industrial-grade 3G router IOS is located. If there are multiple IOS image files in flash, it is up to the configuration file in NVRAM to decide which image file to load.

(4) Load IOS to load IOS into memory, or load directly in flash memory.

(5) Look for configuration files generally in NVRAM, it is also possible for users to set the industrial router of the whole network as the medal configuration file from TFTP service.

(6) The loading configuration finally runs normally.

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