Earn Money Online with these ways

Posted January 18, 2019 by elanceashishmdr

Earn Money Online using these following. People are making money online thanks to these platforms.

Want to earn money on the web? Have you checked other websites and found people boasting earning thousands and thousands of dollars per week? It's not surprising, people do that often scamming folks to make them think their stories and earn traffic. Don't think such type of stories. It is not possible to earn tens of thousands of dollars overnight. You should invest some time and have the patience to be able to make money. It could take a while depending upon your hard work and dedication towards it.

So, you want to understand how to earn money online in Nepal? There are many ways in which you can earn money through different platforms. Most of the individuals are earning money through it right now. I have included the most common methods used.

1. Facebook and Youtube

2. Google Adsense

3. Blogging

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Freelancing

6. 'Get Paid To' Websites

1. Facebook and Youtube

Facebook: You can make a living on Facebook. You can create a page on facebook about any kind of topic you are interested in. Grow up your audience/followers and keep them engaged on your webpage. Whenever your followers grow you may sell your webpage for handsome cash to other people.

Oryou can reach other brands and ask them with your page. You can earn money through it as the brands get advertisement through your page. Let us consider that your page provides information about different kinds of foods. You can contact restaurant, food sellers and extend them advertisement deals. They'll cover you for the advertisement while you just need to post pitching in their solutions.

Youtube: Start a channel on youtube. Grab your passion for a movie and upload to your station. It's all you have to do. You can do anything you desire. Vlogging, tune pay, reviews, prank videos, tutorials, etc.. Whenever you have quite a good number of subscribers, you can put up advertising deals with companies. Via Adsense, you can request for ads on your videos which is also an additional element that helps in earning cash.

If you want to learn Facebook marketing then check out: https://www.elancedigitalmedia.com/elance-academy/

2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a platform through which founders earn online through ads. If you have a website, blog, youtube channel, apps etc. with an adequate number of contents and traffic then you may apply for Google Adsense partnership. If your Google Adsense venture is approved, then advertisements will observable in your websites, site, youtube channel, programs. These ads allow you to earn some cash depending upon the amount of people visited your site and see the ads.

3. Blogging

Blogging has become one of the popular methods of making cash. Building and updating the blog on a regular basis until it starts to make cash takes quite a time and patience. As time passes, your effort will make things easier and your site will start giving you passive income. Starting a blog is very easier. There are various platforms where you can begin your own blog.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You may also make money with affiliate marketing strategies in which you ought to promote the goods or services of a business enterprise.

Affiliate advertising takes place in these measures:

Pay per sale: You receive a commission if a purchase is made through your site.

Pay-per actions: Affiliates earns a commission every time a specific action is accepted by the referral or lead. A number of the common actions included in this method are clicks, impressions, form submission, sign-ups etc..

5. Freelancing

If you have a certain ability then it is possible to function as a freelancer on several different jobs and get compensated. Freelancing services provided by professionals of Nepal are:

· Programming

· Composing

· Video Editing

· Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· Web Design

· Graphic Design

Freelancing doesn't guarantee you good money in the first days. Freelancing projects are high paying or low paying. To acquire high paying project you have to acquire the project by biding on the job competing against other freelancers. So, in early days you have to do low budget projects and make yourself established with the platforms.

Here are some sites you can offer freelancing solutions:

· Freelancer

· Upwork

· Toptal

· Fiverr

· Microworkers

6. 'Get Paid To' websites

Get Paid To (GPT) sites are also among the favorite platforms. There is not any need of any particular knowledge and expertise to earn from such websites. You are able to register and start earning with zero investments.

In GPT sites people are provided with different offers. All you need to do is complete those supplies. Offers supplied are of these types:

· Filling out forms

· Seeing different Sites

· Completing surveys

· Watching video

· Clicking Ads


All of these above mentioned are shown. People have made money and cashed out efficiently. Following the proper measures of any above-mentioned way, you can make cash and end up making a living with it.

If you're eager to be an expert any particular area then try some of the above and make the money from it. Best of luck.
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