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Posted September 20, 2020 by eagleg

Protect your mouth with our disposable face masks. The 3-Ply disposable medical face masks provide protection from airborne infectious allergens, bacteria, dust and contaminants by covering the nose and mouth.

Wearing a mask is today’s necessity because of pandemic time. And, because it is today’s necessity, manufactures are making it in great quantity because of having high demand, so the question arises here is, what kind of mask should be wear as a precautionary measure.
Why Wear Mask
Mask is personal protective equipment that reduces the spread and transmission of airborne particles. Mask also protects the nose and mouth from splashes or spray of body fluids. There are different kinds of masks available that are used by health workers in hospitals and people in public places.
Wearing a premium quality 3 Fly disposable medical face mask is the one that protects your life on the go. Simple face masks do not prevent infectious diseases. Its 3 layered filtrations and premium quality cotton and non-woven filter cloth prevent from infection, dust in public places and also by health workers in hospitals.

Wearing a 3-layered protection mask is comfortable and breathable that covers your face all day long without suffocation.
What is inside the 3 Fly medical face mask having?
1. The 1st non-woven layer guarantees a better barrier then cotton and polyester.
2. The 2nd layer of filter paper provides dust prevention and good air permeability.
3. The 3rd non-woven layer is splash resistant.
4. The 3-dimensional mesh filter structure proves to be a high-density dust barrier.
5. It’s soft and skin-friendly structure have high elastic precision welding and is adjustable to any shape.
6. These masks are suitable for dusting, cleaning, gardening, at a dental clinic, salons, general maintenance, and everywhere.
How to Dispose of Masks After Use:-
After wearing the masks it is necessary to dispose of them properly to avoid pollution and transmission of any infection. Experts say the virus can survive on masks for few hours to few days. It is mandatory not to throw in a public place, home, and in an open dustbin because it can pose a potential health hazard to people who come in contact with such masks.
While removing the mask, remove it carefully to chin upwards without touching your hands. Then wrap it in a tissue paper, newspaper, or in biomedical waste bags.
Another most important aspect after disposing of masks is -the value of hand hygiene. Sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Also, you can use soap and water and wash it for at least 20 seconds.
Use it properly and dispose of them properly after use. This is the only way that can help to spread any infection.

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