Factors To Consider When Choosing a College

Posted June 28, 2021 by dypatilbschool

A PGDM or an MBA is a stepping stone to success in the field of management. But, a good PGDM college in Pune

A PGDM or an MBA is a stepping stone to success in the field of management. But, a good PGDM college in Pune or elsewhere is hard to find. To assist you in finding a good college we have written this article. In it we have curated a list of things you should remember to ensure maximum satisfaction with the course and college.

1. Accreditation

Accreditation, in general, is a standardization process to ensure the quality of education provided at educational institutes as per national and regional standards. A candidate’s candidacy is also determined by the college they have studied from and the kind of goodwill they earned there. And this is why it is necessary to make sure that the college or university you are applying to is accredited. Individual departments or programs may also have received accreditation, if not extra, then in general. It would help should the major you be choosing aligns up with a college/department/program that is accredited.

2. Academic Reputation

Another extremely crucial factor is the reputation of the college, the department, and the program. It is important to understand the kind of resources provided, know the learning objectives beforehand, and understand if the undertaking is worth the effort that you are willing to put in. Speak to current students, alumni, and corporate individuals about their time. Understand the curriculum, the pedagogy employed by the faculty, and the exposure that is or is not provided in due time, prior to graduation. Refer to lists that rank colleges as per different criteria, and make sure your requirements match with these colleges and their ranks and your decision is made with due diligence.

Then comes the student-to-faculty ratio which ensures the quality of dissemination of education. This factor decides how much attention is given to each student and how much each student is developed personally. This differs year to year and university to university.

3. College Faculty and Administration

A faculty is not just a faculty, they are your career counselor, your emotional support, and your guidance into the corporate industry not only during your time at the college but even beyond it. They are the catalyst of your transformation. They develop your strengths, correct the weaknesses, help you identify opportunities, and act as a mentor and an anchor. Speaking to a student or faculty pre-admission always helps.


There are several MBA colleges in Pune, both private and government that ensure the best experience for students. However, it is vital to check them out yourself and match their standards with your personal ones.
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