Four Reasons to Explore Fort Lauderdale microblading

Posted May 22, 2017 by drpattydental

Microblading is the answer to natural-looking eyebrows when your natural eyebrows don’t hold up to your expectations.

It can supply a glamorous arch and a full look to your brows, without having to worry about filling them in or having them age poorly, as it is semi-permanent, lasting 1-3 years.
Here are a few great reasons to try microblading:
1. Convenience
We know that the process of filling in your eyebrows with makeup is a tedious and inconvenient process. Sometimes, you may fill them in too dark or too light, create the wrong shape, color “outside the lines”, or end up with a downright unnatural look. It can take lots of time and frustration at the mirror trying to get that perfect shape, and after a while it may be tempting to just let your sparse spots show.
With microblading, you essentially wake up with makeup, and you are always public and camera ready, with none of the work! You always have perfect, natural-looking eyebrows and don’t have to spend a single moment trying to work in that perfect arch! What’s more, there is no tweezing, plucking, or trimming necessary to achieve that desired shape, because it’s already there every single morning!
2. Sensitive Skin or Allergies
Many people experience allergies or sensitivity to makeup, waxing, and plucking. You spend all of that time at the mirror trying to get that perfect arch, only to end up itchy, red-skinned, and swollen. That’s not a red carpet-ready look! Various studies have revealed that up to 10% of dermatologic patients who are patch tested are allergic to cosmetic products or their ingredients. People with food allergies can also experience makeup sensitivity, as many cosmetics use food-based ingredients such as corn and wheat products. Still others are allergic to artificial colors and preservatives often found in cosmetics. Even people who have never had makeup allergies can develop them later in life. Some people just have sensitive skin, and cannot use makeup that clogs pores or contain certain chemicals.

With microblading, none of this is an issue. The iron oxide base in the pigment causes zero allergy or sensitivity complications, and the process leaves your eyebrows perfect for up to 1-3 years! This means no cosmetics are necessary, so they can’t cause problems. If you’re sensitive to waxing or plucking, microblading also renders these processes unnecessary.

3. Hair Loss
In cases where a person has been afflicted with alopecia, accident, burns, or had to undergo chemotherapy, hair loss is an issue that leaves them brow-less. They could “draw on” their eyebrows, attempt to fill them in, or have permanent makeup tattooed on—but none of these appear natural as microblading does.

Hair loss can be a devastating experience that can impact self-esteem and leave the afflicted feeling less than glamourous. Microblading can recreate the poised arch and beautiful brows that were lost, bringing back the confidence and elegance that the person may once have had. Even in cases of congenital hairlessness, microblading can give glorious eyebrows that the person never had before, granting them a new lease on life and a new hold on beauty. Whatever cause there is behind the hair loss, microblading can surely replace what was lost, or even what never was, with a luxurious, full appearance, restoring dignity and grace.

4. Graceful Aging
Age can change the shape of the face, and the current eyebrow shape and fill fashions change almost as the wind blows. Not all eyebrow styles are timeless! It’s hard to keep up and change an eyebrow makeup routine that you’ve grown accustomed to when you want to keep up with the change. Even worse, permanent makeup tattoos are, in fact, permanent, and cannot be changed with the trends. What’s worse, permanent makeup can be too vibrant, and some shades of makeup tattoos fade with time (e.g. black permanent makeup can take on a blue hue over time).

The pigment used in microblading elegantly fades over time, typically in 1-3 years. This enables you to choose whether you want to get the same style again, or opt for a new one that more closely matches your elegantly aging face or current trends. Regardless of which you choose, microblading is a practice that enables you to have semi-permanent eyebrows that enable you to choose whether to change them later.

And Beyond
There are nearly limitless reasons and applications for microbladed eyebrows. Whatever your personal reason is, you will be pleased with the outcome. Our licensed esthetician will work closely with you to ensure that you have your perfect brows with none of the effort. Our boutique is the best place to get Fort Lauderdale microblading and you can take advantage of this hot new trend by clicking here.
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