What Are Uses For An DogSafe Electric Fence System?

Posted January 5, 2020 by dogpetwuffstop

Depending on the size and shape of the fencing, installation can vary somewhat. For most cases with an electric fence it is best to get an expert to provide you with help and advice.

Electric fences are widely used and are normally installed around premises to keep livestock safe from escaping as well as from predators. For the majority of farmers who have acres of land where livestock such as sheep, horses and cows graze, the cost difference between installing an electric fence around the perimeter and traditional fencing is quite substantial. Electric fencing is inexpensive and needs less maintenance than traditional. Also, animals contained within the boundary soon find that coming into contact with it actually hurts and as a result train themselves not to touch and tend to keep their distance from it. There have been many adaptations of the livestock fence, for animals such as dogs, which keeps them within their boundaries. For a dog, these are invisible with the dog quickly learning where its boundaries are.

How do DogSafe electric fences system work?

An energizer is used to charge the fencing which in turn sends a high voltage through the wire. In some instances a rope or tape can be used instead of wire. The charge is sent through the wire at intervals, usually one to two seconds apart. How the fencing acts is like an electric circuit that is open. Once the livestock touches the two open ends of the circuit, the circuit becomes closed. As a result, when the circuit is closed, the current passes through the animal and results in a shock.

The voltage passing through normally depends on the livestock that is been contained within the boundaries. For long haired animals a higher voltage is required to pass through the wire compared to short haired animals. Normally, one shock from the current is enough to deter the animal from touching the fencing again. However, some stubborn animals will continue to touch the fencing until they realise its purpose and decide to stay away.

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Depending on the size and shape of the fencing, installation can vary somewhat. For most cases with an electric fence it is best to get an expert to provide you with help and advice. As well as this there are professional installers you can hire to do the job.

Underground electric fences used for domestic animals

For DogSafe underground electric fences to work a transmitter needs to be located somewhere inside the property. The domesticated animal whether it be a dog or another pet has to wear a collar that has a receiver embedded inside it. For the collar to work, there are several little metal spikes on the underside of the collar. As the domesticated animal approaches, the closer they get a warning noise alarms. This signals to them they are about to get shocked. If the animal ignores the warning and starts to cross the underground wire, they get shocked. This sounds like a cruel method but most domesticated animals especially dogs are intelligent enough to understand and learn not to go beyond the boundaries.

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