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This topic hits home for me, and wanted to share some light to others who may not be fluent in this area.
I am one of the mediums at A medium means that I have a gift that allows me to connect with love ones who have passed away.
A lot of us have lost a love one – whether it was a family member, co-worker, close friend, etc. Many times when we lose someone we love, we tend to go into a stage of denial, which usually leads to depression because we can’t come to grips that our love ones are no longer here. The struggle becomes even more severe when someone we loved passed away out the blue without any awareness or preparation for their death.
Now lets flip the script. What happens to those who passed away who weren’t ready to go, or their death was an accident and they had no clue death was near? Imagine those who went to sleep normally, but never woke up – how do you think they feel? What questions do you think they would have, not to mention not having the chance to properly say good bye to their friends and family.
Most of the time spirits who crossed over too fast and/or spirits who struggled leaving us behind find a hard time passing over and letting go. They tend to stay near to us in hopes that somehow they can communicate with us through ways outside of talking in person. For instance, have you ever came home and lights were turned on in your house and you knew you turned them off? Or how about you left your keys in one place but found them in a different place? Have your television turned off/on all by itself, or maybe your house was warm inside yet all of a sudden you got a chill that ran up and down your body and you instantly became cold for no reason? Have you ever felt someone was watching you, or you could feel a near presence but no one was there?
Outside of spirits trying to connect with us via dreams, these are just a few ways that they try to stay connected to us, yet because most people only believe what they can see and feel, or just black or white, they don’t notice or realize signs that our love ones are leaving for us in hopes they can get our attention and let us know that they are still near watching over us.
There are a few ways a medium can connect with spirits. Because I was born gifted, I can sometimes see the spirit and communicate with them. Other times I use the pendulum and certain candles to help bring them forward so I can get a better feel of who they are and questions they may have.
I have lost a husband, a father, a step-father, grandmother, aunt, a several close friends that I grew up with. I am so blessed that I am able to stay connected to some of them, and want to try and bring a self-awareness to others who have lost someone they loved.
Here are some ways to help you connect with your love ones:
Talk to a Medium
Keep your mind and heart open at all times.
Stop seeing things as black and white
Ask your love ones to come to you and/or show you signs that they are near. Don’t be afraid to talk to them out loud. THEY CAN HEAR YOU! An easy way to connect is to ask them to visit you in your dreams. This is a very common way that you can stay connected by seeing and feeling them near, even though they are not physically present.
RIP to all our love ones that we have lost.
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