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TechWift is a SaaS-based logistics ERP software. It is a collection of numerous tools to manage logistics operations efficiently, to make transport and delivery more trackable, accessible, and fast.

Logistics and supply chain companies are emerging in high-growth technology where email management software is in demand. Whether small or large business, delivery notes matter in both industries.

Courier Management System plays a big role in the shipping stages of shipments and is well worth the cost. Integrating email management software into your business will have a huge impact on your turnaround time.

It's hardly possible to find a reliable third-party email service with a decent budget. Why switch to delivery aggregators when you can manage your delivery operations yourself. By invading the courier management system, you gain full visibility and control over logistics processes.

Before deciding to use your email management system, make sure you have a solid understanding of the basics of email management software. If you have a solid foundation, you can make better decisions and solutions to improve your business.


The Courier Management System is a unique system that allows you to plan and execute last-mile delivery for ordered shipments. It feeds your business processes because you have an overview of your logistics operations. This allows you to guide the incorrect process on the right path. Mail management software is developed with the most generous features. With these benefits, you can supervise

* Operations,
* Schedule ordered deliveries,
* Assign tasks, and propose solutions. Thus, it strategically shifts the currency towards the future growth and improvement of the company. The Messaging Management System allows you to design simple and efficient routes and solutions that meet your budget plans. It also allows you to focus on certain aspects such as,
* Workflow Management,
* Route Optimization,
* Real-Time Tracking,
* Fuel Management,
* Customer Satisfaction,
* Insightful Analytics, and
* Order and Fleet Management. This way you can guarantee a cost-effective, super-efficient and easy-to-use plan for logistics and supply chain actions.


The 3 main objectives of the mail management system are:
1. Consistent, efficient and fast delivery
2. Management of the delivery team
3. Customer experience and satisfaction.

The above objectives are intentionally divided into three areas for your understanding. Email management software has to face and overcome many challenges to be successful in the target market.

The ultimate goal of any logistics and supply chain company is to meet customer expectations. So, customer satisfaction is not an easy task as the delivery team regularly faces obstacles and threats during delivery.

Here we will help you with further subtitles of the main objectives of the courier management system. So help you beat the battle of logistics and supply chain management. Below you can refer to the simpler breakdowns of each goal.

1. Consistent, Efficient and Fast Delivery

As mentioned before, every company invests and focuses on meeting customer expectations. Because they boost your sales and remain the heart of your logistics company forever. The more punctual the deliveries, the more efficient your delivery rates will be, which will increase the profit potential of your business. Now check out the real one below:

* Safe Transport

The delivery team cannot be involved in packing the ordered shipments. But are responsible for protecting the goods during transportation. Based on the considerations and requirements of the packaged products, the team must ensure that the requirements are available.

For example, if vaccines are to be delivered without making changes, the delivery team must organize the truck according to specific conditions, requirements and policies. This is made possible by integrating an email management system into your company.

* On-time Delivery

Statistical analyzes performed by many supply chain companies indicate that better delivery turnaround times define a compelling customer experience. If you don't meet customer expectations, your brand should be abandoned by them.

The Mail Management System smoothly manages your delivery schedules. It allows you to intelligently manage and address situations that affect delivery operations. Maximizes your company's delivery rates.

* Route Optimization

The most difficult task for logistics managers is assigning the best delivery routes to drivers. But not all routes are traffic jams, no one has been able to avoid the delay in deliveries. This unknown human error is ruining business economics.

Rely on the courier management system to automatically optimize and report efficient traffic with fewer routes. This way you eliminate human errors, save time and become profitable. Reach the pinnacle of success by integrating email management software into your business to build customer loyalty.

* Managing the Delivery Team

The courier team is the only representative of your brand who meets the customer in person. The most important point in managing your messages is to support your most valuable strength.

The advantages of courier management software are very beneficial for your logistics management. This allows you to revive more than expected revenue thanks to the excellent performance of the courier service.

* Simple and Clear Route Instructions and Rules

The driver should not be pressured to check the address with each new delivery. Continuous reference to the address can be confusing and errors can occur. This driver-driven process can lead to a complete collapse of the delivery management system.

Courier management software makes it easy to perform job assignments by monitoring delivery processes. The software has been developed with a route optimization function that displays simple and less-travelled routes. The simpler the navigation and instructions, the faster the delivery process.

* Scheduled Shifts and Advance Notices

Planned and well-planned shift rotation for couriers is essential. Notifying them in advance will prepare them mentally and allow them to plan their delivery process in advance.

The Courier Management System allows you to plan the teams or tasks of the respective couriers well in advance. Due to this, the couriers will reach their destination no later than the scheduled time.

* Scheduled Recreation or Appropriate Breaks for Drivers

Organized recreation times should be a top priority for any company to give to their couriers. When one has this legal right, one can keep the peace during the delivery routine and face any kind of problem.

Logistics managers may have difficulty arranging suitable breaks for drivers. But the courier management system always fails to generate the correct recreation times. This way you support and appreciate the efforts of the couriers.

* Set Clear Goals and a Dynamic Motivation

Every logistics company has a motto and goals to achieve. If you want to achieve the goal, you and your employees need to understand the motto well.

The company must create a positive environment for better productivity. The constant support and motivation of courier management support to your courier employees helps them achieve their goals and objectives.

The performance of your couriers can be tuned and monitored by logistics managers. Using the information provided by the courier management software, you can solve common problems. This minimizes the challenges couriers face and supports their efforts.

* Customer Experience and Satisfaction

When your customers have an exceptional customer experience, you keep your logistics and supply chain operations on track. Eliminating errors and delays in your last-mile delivery meet your customers' expectations. Achieving your ultimate goals with the Courier Management System is much easier than your imagination.

* Accurate Delivery ETA

Courier management software( enables logistics managers to direct couriers. For example, helps them with regular updates on real-time information or data to provide them with reliable solutions.

If customers also have delivery tracking for their ordered shipments, this seems like a jackpot feature to them. Using messaging management software, the customer and manager can view the delivery status with a highly accurate ETA. ETAs can be recalibrated during unexpected tragedies. So assign easy alternatives.

* Focus on a Customer-Oriented Emergency Plan

There are times when you need to deliver the packages, but the customer is not available at the address provided. In such circumstances, you should always have a customer-oriented thought or alternative solution.

With regard to the above problem, one could develop plans that prioritize customers. For example, automatically updated and stored customer data can be helpful in using the products according to their comfort and confidence.

The courier management system gives you access to information analytics. These analytics provide you with clear data on the areas where you need to improve your business. Therefore, you can provide solutions and complete your decisions with greater clarity and confidence.

Logistics and supply chain operations are competitive industries. It is not an easy task to get ahead of other companies and define profit. You need to recognize the benefits of new technologies and integrate them into your logistics management. Doing this will give you huge sales and incredible success.

What else are you waiting for? Grab your chance and invest in a demo of email management software from TechWift. TechWift is a SaaS-based logistics ERP software(, which gives you access to a free trial of the mail management software demo. That's why you get relevant and easy to overcome practical solutions to your tactical hurdles that provide a solid foundation in business competition.
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