Truck Ladder Racks Could Be Of Many Different Types

Posted March 19, 2013 by davidbanks00

If you find yourself in need to transport long loads on your truck then truck ladder racks is exactly what you require.

If you find yourself in need to transport long loads on your truck then truck ladder racks is exactly what you require. Although it is called a truck ladder rack, ladders are not the only loads that can be transported. With such a rack you can transport anything from ladders, pipes, and lumber to canoes, kayaks and surfboards. Depending on which make or model you get, there are a variety of positions, sizes and methods that can be used to accommodate the particular load you are transporting on your truck. They can be installed on any model of pickup truck, including Dodge, Chevy, GM and Ford.

A truck ladder rack is made of metal, usually either stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or a combination of the two. It consists of a rigid framework that raises the platform for ladders and other long loads off the bed of the truck and level with the top of the roof of the cab. This allows the bed of the truck to be available for transporting other tools or equipment without having to pack them around an awkwardly positioned ladder, lumber, pipes, surfboard, kayak or canoe. Whatever you are transporting, truck ladder racks will make that task easier.

Some truck ladder racks are manufactured from stainless steel. This provides a strong and sturdy framework to transport heavy loads. However, it is heavy itself and this will take its toll on fuel consumption. Aluminum alloy materials are lightweight and scratch resistant and this makes them a better choice in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. They are also more resistant to rust, meaning they do not deteriorate as quickly as stainless steel. There are also truck ladder racks that use a combination of the two materials and these provide a strong frame and a lightweight and durable rack.

Truck ladder racks can either straddle the entire width of the vehicle, or be positioned on the one side of the top of the truck. The type of truck ladder rack you invest in depends on what it will be used for. As many different uses are there for such racks as the number of different designs. They are used by contractors and utility companies, as well as the military and other government agencies. You can also get this equipment for your personal use so that it can be installed and removed with ease making it perfect for weekend surfing trips.

Every manufacturer will have their unique signature, be it the material used or the particular design. While some produce a distinctive diamond plate pattern on their truck ladder racks, others are known for their lightweight and sturdy designs. Then there are companies that make use of heavy duty steel tubes in their designs and still others that specialize in producing professional grade truck ladder rack. There are high quality aluminum ladder racks as well and these are lightweight with polyester straps for hook-and-loop closure. It is also possible to find a fully removable and adjustable version.

The list of manufacturers of truck ladder rack is quite long and each different manufacturer has dozens of models to offer prospective buyers. Every model is designed with a different purpose in mind. Not only this, but the model of truck onto which it will be installed is different and requires different specifications. Some truck ladder racks can be used with a variety of makes of vehicle, but some are specifically meant for a particular truck. Regardless of what truck you need fitted with a ladder rack, you can rest assured that there will be many options available for consideration.

Whoever wishes to carry a ladder on his truck would first need to install a truck ladder rack for the purpose. With so many manufacturers in the fray, truck ladder racks are offered in a variety of styles and specifications which is why it is imperative for the buyer to understand exactly what he needs.
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