The Wait is Over with Mom Grass CBG Flower

Posted February 2, 2022 by dadgrass

Since debuting our brand way back in 2020, we’d been helping people get hip to hemp CBD, the main ingredient in Dad Grass Joints, Flower and Tinctures.

We started with pre-rolled joints in various sizes and configurations: 5 Packs, Twoobies and 1G Classics. Later we brought forth the 10 Pack. And we also dropped some Mom Grass Mellow Yellow™ merch along the way.

Now, at long last and by popular demand, we are introducing Mom Grass CBG Flower. This mamma jamma is the final piece of our parental puzzle. The icing on our CBG cake. Available in Quarter Ounce and Half Ounce tins, this is Mom Grass. Pure and simple.
It’s extra special. Rare and powerful. A bit of a mystery. Just like the moms in our lives. CBG doesn’t exactly get you “high” in the traditional sense, because it doesn’t have high enough concentrations of THC, the psychoactive compound in the marijuana you would get in a dispensary. Our friends tell us that a few tokes is enough to have them feeling grounded and centered during their morning rituals, or relaxed and steady after a long day. Mom Grass is an easygoing and uncomplicated way to set the head right and the soul light.

Our Mom Grass CBG flower is sourced from 100% Organic hemp responsibly grown under the sun in the USA. Slow dried, hand trimmed, carefully cured, and thoroughly inspected from seed to smoke the old fashion way. Because you deserve the best.

So what do you get with our CBG Hemp Flower?

The Tin: Plastic’s not our bag, man. There’s nothing more tried-and-true than an old fashioned tin to keep your nuggs safe. Unlike the ones your folks may have stashed their goodies in, ours has a food-grade coating on the inside to make sure all you smell is your fresh cut grass. The EZ-pop lid keeps things air-tight without the hassle of those complicated opening mechanisms that some of the other guys have (Childproof? More like adult proof!). Plus, they’re completely recyclable. We expect most of you will keep ‘em around for a while, maybe even pass them down as family heirlooms. But if you want to chuck it, you can use that green can!
Dad Grass Rolling Papers: There are papers. And then there’s the Cadillac of papers. You know how we roll. No expense was spared on the complimentary packs of 1 ¼” unbleached organic hemp papers we’ve dropped in every tin. 33 to a pack. Plus filters if that’s your style. We even added a magnet closure, because we like to keep it classy till the last doob.
2-Way Humidity Control Pack: Even the best quality flower stored in an airtight container can lose some of it’s magical properties over time. But with our specially-calibrated 2-way humidity control packs, you’ll be safely preserving your flower’s aromas, flavors and effects like a pro. They’re made with all-natural salts and purified water which help maintain humidity within the tin, creating a protective monolayer of water molecules over those precious trichomes. Kind of like a miniature humidor for your grass.
The Freshness Seal: Like any flower, Mom Grass CBG hemp’s best when it’s fresh. Our batches are small and we pack them on the reg, so you can rest assured that none of the flower have been sitting around for long. But we’re going the extra mile to lock in that freshness by wrapping up the top of the tin by hand.
The Batch Label: Every tin has a little green or purple label (a nod to our favorite nugs) that helps you learn more about our 100% organic CBG hemp. A quick glance will give you the batch number as well as the percentage of CBG and THC (always below 0.3%!). We go the extra mile to make sure what you smoke is 100% pure and that nothing has accidentally creeped into our crop. Before twisting it up, we send our freshly trimmed flower to the same independent third-party labs that test the marijuana you find in dispensaries. Not only do they make sure there are no pesticides, mold, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals or other toxins, they also determine the precise concentrations of THC and CBG as well as the terpene profile.

Mom Grass CBG Flower is easy on the eyes and mellow to toke. High in CBG and rich with terpenes. All of the good stuff, none of the bad. Just a classic recipe that’s known to help heal the body and soothe the soul.
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