Firing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted February 5, 2018 by crowsonlaw

Crowson Law Group is a law firm of renowned professionals who focus on personal injury matters. The law firm has a track record of success with personal injury cases.

At times a client may feel that his or her lawyer is not the best for him or her and as a result the client may decide that they want to fire their lawyer. Making the decision to fire your lawyer is within your rights as a client, however, there may be consequences for your case. This article will discuss the associated consequences of firing your lawyer and what will happen to your case if you go that route.

Clients may choose to fire their personal injury lawyer for a number of reasons, some of these reasons include the following:

Lack of communication 

In respect of lack of communication, it may very well be that the lawyer does not return the client’s phone calls, letters or emails. One article states that, “lack of communication is a common client complaint, but if it becomes a chronic problem, your case could suffer.”

Nothing seems to be happening in your case 

One lawyer stated that, “most clients do not fully comprehend the different procedures that must be undergone for a case to move forward or progress in a way that they can see. However, in some instances the lawyer is just not doing anything with regards to the case.” It is not uncommon for the view of progress to be obscured when it comes to clients. In most cases clients believe progress is that an attorney has gone to court or met the defendant’s attorneys, however, from a lawyer’s perspective the receipt of an email confirming or providing information is a form of progress.

The client and lawyer are on different wavelengths

This is especially true when a client wants his or her case to go a specific route while the lawyer insists it should go a different route. For example, where a client insists on going to trial and a lawyer insists on settling the case. One attorney stated that, “firstly it is important to realize that going to trial is risky as the client may have a low chance of winning at trial. In addition, even the most experienced personal injury lawyers do not really know what any particular case should settle or what a jury will award the case at trial. So as a result settlement allows for a ballpark range of the worth of your case in a somewhat controlled environment as compared to a jury decision at trial that could result in the plaintiff being awarded a minimum judgement or losing all together.”

If a client finds themselves stuck with a lawyer who is incompetent, appears to be acting unethically, misses his or her deadlines, etc. it is completely understandable that the client would want to fire the lawyer. Before taking such action the client may wish to meet with the lawyer and talk to them about making their final decision to fire them. However, the Crowson Law Group attorney warned that, “Once the trial date has been set most judges will not allow a client to fire a lawyer if doing so will cause a delay in the trial date”. Therefore, once a trial date has been set you will probably be unable to find a lawyer unless the new lawyer sticks to the trial schedule with no extensions.

If you do fire your lawyer, it is important to be aware that they are entitled to a fee for the time they put into the case. However, such a fee rarely will come out of the client’s pocket and is likely to be covered once the case has been settled or a judgement awarded.

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Crowson Law Group is a law firm of renowned professionals who focus on personal injury matters. The law firm has a track record of success with personal injury cases. To contact an attorney from Crowson Law Group follow the link: Alaska personal injury attorney [].
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