Advantages of VPS Hosting

Posted April 9, 2020 by commy123

VPS Hosting represents the happy medium in the webhosting market.

VPS Hosting represents the happy medium in the webhosting market. For those that need the full root gain access to of a Dedicated Server, without the large cost, VPS Hosting serves out excellent worth for money vps hosting India. But what exactly is a VPS? And what are the advantages of a VPS vs. lets state shared hosting or a devoted server? These are all questions that prospective hosting customers should understand before deciding on which hosting platform to use.

Advantage 1: Cost savings

Virtual Private Servers are isolated containers, or virtual devices, on a single server. Because several VPS can be hosted on a single physical server, hosting service providers can execute Multi-Tenancy in the provisioning of VPS. Multi-Tenancy is a core component of VPS (* Virtuozzo/OpenVZ) due to the fact that only one circumstances of the software application design template is set up on the physical device. Then through an abstraction layer, several "independent" Virtual Makers can be provisioned within this single design template. This is very important due to the fact that it reduces the expenses of implementation for companies as numerous VPS can be provisioned within one server. This is the underlying reason VPS are priced lower than Dedicated Servers.

Benefit 2: Disaster Recovery

The most ambitious option for hosting is unquestionably a Dedicated Server. When a client installs applications or uploads data to a Dedicated Server, it is provisioned straight on the main kernel without any layer of abstraction. Tactical backups are useful for securing oneself versus data loss. But a VPS offers a faster route for disaster recovery than a Devoted since a VPS can be backed up into an image which can be rebooted on another node (when it comes to data loss) quicker than a Dedicated Server can be brought back from backups. Moreover, VPS can be live moved between various nodes with absolutely no downtime. Abstraction Layers - Virtualization - make handling servers much easier in Disaster Healing situations.

Benefit 3: Scalability

Virtual Private Servers can be scaled up and down on demand. Indicating that if your application begins hoarding more RAM, it is really easy for this to be dealt with. Depending on your VPS supplier, you can include extra resources on the fly with no downtime. When it comes to a Dedicated Server, there would need to be a forced downtime for the RAM/Drive/CPU upgrade.

Advantage 4: Root Gain access to

This benefit is a shared benefit with Dedicated Servers. But considering that a VPS can be had at the rate of shared hosting nowadays, this is definitely worth mentioning. If you are a developer and need your own sand box for screening purposes, a VPS can be very beneficial. With full root gain access to, there are no distinctions in performance to a Dedicated Server. This indicates that for a fraction of the cost, you can experiment if your apps, and then if you desire, cancel the server 1 month later on without any commitment.


VPS Hosting is the indisputable middle weight worldwide of webhosting. More robust than shared hosting, and more versatile than a Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Servers are rapidly growing in appeal among even corporate clients in the type of Cloud VPS. With High Accessibility alternatives, VPS Hosting has broadened into the mainstream and can please the requirements of any web designer.

Author and CMO of EuroVPS, is Mr. Foti Panagio. Foti was among the creators of European VPS Hosting Service Provider, EuroVPS. EuroVPS was developed by IT specialists, with years of experience and training in true business grade hardware.
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