Plastic fasteners are ubiquity

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Introduction to plastic fasteners

Plastic fasteners for the beginning of the installation of fastening fasteners used in connection, a wide range of uses, in the car constitute the four plates are large-scale use. The main types are divided into body fasteners, interior fasteners, chassis and engine fasteners and electrical fasteners, including body fasteners mainly for all types of nuts and blocking pieces, interior fasteners mainly for all types Standard plastic parts, chassis engine to all types of pipe clamp-based, electrical part of the wiring harness fastening belt and line guard-based.

Plastic fasteners a wide range of different forms, the role of the principle of roughly the same, that is, through the role of fasteners, the two separate parts of the original fixed connection. as the picture shows:

At present, commonly used materials to nylon 6, nylon 66, POM-based, mainly to consider the physical properties of the first indicators of high and low temperature performance, the second is the impact of performance, the third is the ability to stretch, because the need to consider Product life and ease of installation, and help reduce body weight.

The product is suitable for chassis, engine and interior:

Plastic fasteners are ubiquity

1. Plastic sleeve

Suitable for assembly of silent hinges; for assembly tolerances DIN h6-H7; assembled bearing clearance is 1% of shaft diameter; resistant to dirt, climate and most chemicals.

2. Plastic gears

Plastic gears are made of wear-resistant, self-lubricating polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic for injection molding without the need for additional lubricants after installation. They can be used in environments up to 95 ° C.

3. Plastic strain relief clip

Plastic stress relief clip is also called plastic power cable buckle, can greatly save the relevant production costs, eliminating some additional installation costs and steps, installation, two power cord buckle through the attached hinge or plastic cable easily folded closed , So that the cable clasp, the installation of the power cord buckle must be perpendicular to the surface to be installed, and then use a common force clamp clamped power cord buckle above the specially designed groove will be placed smoothly into the installation location card position Available in a bullet-shaped, streamlined head design, the product is free from the traditional complex and cumbersome tape guards in a limited space. The product is securely fastened and holds wires and cables to protect them from being pulled And reverse the irregular sharp edges from the edge of the damage panel, the product in line with UL strict fire-retardant certification, black thermal stability of nylon injection molding, the maximum temperature of 105 degrees Celsius.

4. Plastic damper

Plastic dampers can be used to control the movement of flap, distribution box doors and appliance doors, etc., is a silent mobile silicon dampener improved products, simple installation time-saving, there are 8 kinds of torque to choose from, with self-lubricating material No additional oil, maintenance-free.

5. Plastic grease cap

Plastic grease cap in accordance with DIN71412 and NEN2435 standards, providing yellow and red two colors, anti-fouling, and lubrication points can be marked.
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